Kozzmozz photos so far…

Well there are some photos around for Kozzmozz already. Official ones here:


Click on pictures then KZZMZZ 10Y 01 or KZZMZZ 10Y 02. I think most of the photos from KZZMZZ 10Y 01 is the main room where BMB and Justin Berkovi and Sebastian Kramer played. There is a great photo of Joel Mull in KZZMZZ 10Y 02 as well!

I actually found an unofficial photo one with Doris and I in it, but you can only see us from the back, in the centre of the photo. We are dancing behind a guy in a green t-shirt with yellow on the front who is a lot taller than us. I have my hair tied back as it was so damned hot i looked like a fuzzball!!!


Dave found me – but can you?!?!? 🙂

There are loads of unofficial photos here:


Too much to do today to update anything else. Been in Museum Ludwig all morning in Köln. Awesome. Picasso, Lichtenstein, Warhol…Yeah!

Off to Kompakt records now and then back to Frankfurt for another great museum, and a traditional dinner with Andreas and Iris . Argh, can’t believe this is the last day for me to see them. Hope they come to Australia later this year.


Anniversary, Zwolle & Surgeon, and back to Frankfurt

Sunday 18th September


Well considering we didn’t get to spend our anniversary, going to Surgeon (well, it was the 18th Sydney time!) and then having dinner with Andreas and Iris in the evening was a very close second best. Really good day.

Didn’t get much sleep, and then woke up early-ish (10am) to get some breakfast before it closed. Was so tired it took me ages to get my stuff together. Was really distracted and tired. Too little sleep. I woke up dehydrated – combination of beer and very hot room and sleep deprivation!

Missed the train I wanted to get, so I wandered around Zwolle for a while. It is a lovely small town. Hardly anyone was about. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed (not unusual apparently) so I couldn’t buy anything. Maybe that WAS a good thing 😛 There were so many great older buildings and a lovely lake. Wish I could have spent more time there. Think I am a bit over big cities at the moment! The less tourists the more I tend to like it!

My only annoying issue today was being charged 30euros for a supplement on my train ticket which they shouldn’t have charged me for. I was really mad too as there were no seats available on the carriage, and then to find this out really dug the knife in! Have to try and get a refund now. Note to self: do not book train tickets at small stations!

Then it was on a few trains to get back to Frankfurt. The train was late into the Frankfurt Airport again. Really strange that the only trains that are late this time are German ones. Last time, German trains were the only ones on time! Andreas picked me up again (thanks AK :)) and then it was back to his place. Andreas and Iris made another lovely dinner, and I talked their ears off about the last week. Then we went to a bar called Moloko+ for some drinks. Mmmm Contreau. Unfortunately nobody seems to have heard of Frangelico yet, but there are other alcoholic beverages to consume!!!

Afterwards we dropped Iris off, and then Andreas and I stayed up to 2 chatting about music. I can’t believe I actually stayed up that late!


Hmmm…how’s this:

Thursday 29th September – Munich – Harry Klein Club – Richie Hawtin, Magda, Mark Houle
Friday 30th September – Bratislava – Subclub – Regis
Saturday 1st October – Vienna – Flex Club – Jeff Mills

Techno overload I think…

And I miss Alexander Kowalski at Flex by a DAY. ARGH ARGH ARGH. That’s what happens when you go to Malta – too expensive to get a flight anywhere else!

Madness! Zwolle and Surgeon

Ok, it has been NUTS the past few days. I haven´t had time to blog. Only time to post about Saturday, and then I`m off to find some food as I am hungry!

Saturday 17th – Zwolle

Had a nap and some good food at my hotel before Tony and Gerhard (sp?) picked me up to go to Hedon. Was funny because I picked my hotel to be close to Hedon and it was on the same street!

Got there when the club opened at 10, so chatted with Tony and Gerhard until Tony was due to play at around 12.30. Really enjoyed his set. Was happy that it was quite a long set as well 2 and 3/4 hours 🙂 Tony played quite a mixture of new and old tracks. Varied and friendly crowd too, which was a nice change from Fuse the previous night.

As usual, my photos are mostly crap. Recorded about 1 minute of the set in my camera, and got lots of blurry photos.

Didn´t want the night to end, as it will be the last time I see him play for this trip. But I do have lots of other music nights coming up which hopefully will be good too!

Had a beer after the set, and then they dropped me off at the hotel, and I tried to get to sleep. Couldn´t sleep for hours – I think the beer woke me up again! I was quite wobbly and chatted to Davo for an hour before trying to get some sleep.

Another excellent night. Really enjoyed. Was great to meet up with Tony again, and get to hear excellent music.

So much happening…Pascal Feos, Dominic Eulberg, and 10 years of Kozzmozz!

Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th September

Short-ish post, as I’m at the only computer at my hotel. Will try and fill in details later…

Well I’ve been in Europe for 3 days and I’m having a ball.

Air travel was annoying. Couldn’t sleep Sydney to Singapore. Then had parents with baby from Singapore to Frankfurt. It wasn’t the baby that was noisy!

Arrived Frankfurt Friday 9th. Taxi driver dropped me off at the wrong street, so I had to wake up poor Andreas at 6.30am. We caught up over breakfast, and then I slept on and off all day.

Andreas and Iris made a great dinner – yummy falafel – and then it was time to get ready to go out.

Went to Cocoon first. The first dj – Dorian – was not bad. Then Pascal Feos came on. He played “intelligent minimal”. Andreas and I went into the DJ booth. It’s high above the dancefloor, and looks like a Star Trek Enterprise! Excellent booth set up.

Was interesting that the second I was left on my own, someone would come up and talk with me. The first time was a guy who looked 12 (he was probably 18) tried to pick me up! Considering my age, I think the boy was quite toasted! Then someone asked me if I had any asprin. You can imagine what I thought of that! And then someone else asked me if I liked Jagermeister. It was quite funny.

Afterwards, Andreas and I went to East, where Dominic Eulberg was playing. He was excellent. Played a great techno set. Very amusing crowd too! Wish we could have stayed longer, as one of Andreas’ friends was playing, but my feet were falling off, and I had a big day ahead of me.

3 hours sleep, then was off to Ghent in Belgium. Couldn’t sleep on the train, so kept myself busy listening to “Old Meets New” from Surgeon’s site, and a decoded set by Dave featuring Steve Rachmad.

Had a quick shop and a short nap before Doris met me at my hotel, and we went for a drink around the corner. Was great to finally meet Doris. I think she liked the Kath and Kim fridge magnets!!!

Doris and Tony invited me to come along with them to the Kozzmozz pre dinner. Excellent company and great food. Chatted mostly with Doris, Tony (Surgeon), Karl (Regis), Roger (Sleeparchive), Justin (Berkovi), Sam (Deetron) and Joel (Mull). Karl didn’t want to talk about the cricket 🙂 (I am SO GLAD i did not meet Karl one day later, as I would NEVER have heard the end of the final Ashes results!!!).

Went back to the hotel afterwards for a short nap, then off to Kozzmozz. Massive party – completely packed, and hotter than 51 regent street in the old days! Saw Joel Mull, Cabanne, Deetron, Justin Berkovi, Seba Lecompte and British Murder Boys. Best set of the night was BMB. Played some new stuff which I’ve only heard on the internet – was great to hear it on a proper sound system. Really enjoyed Cabanne as well.

Excellent night – had lots of fun, and was great meeting up with a bunch of lovely people.

3 hours sleep again and now I’m in Brugges. And off to sleep 🙂

It’s been ages…

Can’t believe it’s been over 4 months since I posted. Where did the time go? As always, it’s the busiest time of year for work for me. And lots of things have been happening. I recently started planning my trip to Europe, and as that is less than2 months away now, I’ll be REALLY busy.

Had a great day yesterday. My performance appraisal went well, so that was a massive relief after all the time I spent preparing. I new I’d done a good job, but sometimes they say something that completely comes out of nowhere. Nothing like that this time. Had lunch with Helen, her daughter who is 11 and 2 of her daughter’s friends at Lindt Cafe. Lindt Chocolate Brownie – YUM! Got a few of the Quarterly work returns out of the way. And then, I found out that Kozzmozz is on in Ghent, Belgium on 10th September. AND I CAN GO!!!!! The lineup is brilliant:

Cabanne, Deetron, Joel Mull, Justin Berkovi, Kozz, Kr!z, Len Faki, Lysergic, Petar Dundov, Regis, Seba Lecompte, Sebastian Kramer, Spacid, Surgeon and T-Quest.

So I basically get to hear LOADS of awesome music at the one party. And I get to see quite a few of my favourite artists at the same party. All for only 23 Euros, which is about $37. WOOHOO!!! A line-up like that here would be over $100

Went to dinner with Davo and Matt last night at Cafe Santone in Lane Cove, and had a great time. The food was exellent. I spent half of last night being excited about Kozzmozz. Davo is already sick of hearing about this. He can’t wait for me to sms him constantly when I’m there, going “SURGEON IS ON” and “JOEL IS ON” and “THERE’S SOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE HERE” and “REGIS IS YELLING INTO THE MICROPHONE” and “SURGEON’S PLAYING SLEEP ULTRA VIOLET”…. you get the drift 😛

And I’m also going to the live show of Little Britain on 24th October, the night before I come back home. And Monica’s coming with me – YAY!. So I basically start and end my trip doing 2 things I REALLY want to do!!!!! Well, I hope so.

Can’t believe my luck really. It’s been such a stressful time lately, and then this good stuff happens. I hope to complete my itinerary by the end of July. Need to book Malta as soon as possible.

Will be interesting to go to Malta again. Haven’t been in nearly 30 years. Want to go back to the Blue Grotto. And get the ferry to Gozo. When we did that last time, as we got close to Gozo, people started diving into the water from the top deck of the ferry. Wonder if they still do that? There were people playing bingo by the beach. And there was a massive cliff (well, I was 6, so maybe it’s not massive) where I heard my first Maltese swear words!!! I was 17 before I found out what they meant, as nobody would tell me, they were that bad.

I wanted to go to Almeria in Spain to visit friends, but it was going to take 2 flights and 3 trains to get there, over about 2 days. So I’m going to have to wait until I go again (hopefully in 2007). I’m disappointed, but 2 days travel each way would mean I’d get to spend only 2 days there. I wanted to spend a week there. So now I’m going to Brugges and Amsterdam instead.

So now I think I’ll be doing Frankfurt, Ghent, Brugges, Amsterdam, Cologne, back to Frankfurt, Prague, Karlovy Vary, Vienna, Brno, Bratislava, Budapest, Malta, Belfast, Birmingham, London and Portsmouth. Just waiting to find out a few more things to figure out exactly what order I’m going to do it, and if I go to one or 2 more places.

And I can spend Bec’s birthday with her, as I’ll be in London, YAY!

I’m all over the place today. Was supposed to go walking with Monica at lunch, but not too sure what’s happening now. Was going to drinks later with Lisa, Ant, Brad, Hayley and possibly Matt, but will catch up with them earlier, and see if I can catch up with Monica later. She’s going back to Belfast tomorrow, so want to see her before she goes.

I’d better hurry up. It’s so lovely and sunny outside. Oh my gawd, it’s 15 degrees, and it’s going to be 17 degrees maximum. YAY! How warm is that for winter!

Richie Hawtin at Gas

I thought I’d send my perspective of the Hawtin party on Saturday night, as I’ve now been asked by 3 people what it was like! Anyway, you may or may not be interested…In any case, what was Duckenfield like? What were the sounds he played?

The times for the upstairs room were changed around, so when we arrived around 11.30, AKA vs. Marshall was on, and I quite enjoyed what I heard of their set. Got to hear some Regis 🙂

Went downstairs a couple of times to find Biz e vs. Dave Slade playing to an almost empty dance floor. Biz was playing the same tracks I always hear him play. He didn’t look very happy actually – most of the crowd seemed to be upstairs listening and dancing to AKA vs. Marshall.

Finally went downstairs again to hear Schumacher. The first 20 minutes I heard (and I’d missed 20 minutes at that point) were quite good. Nice and acidy. But it all went downhill from there. The live set that he did as “Electrochemie” (spelling?) was bl00dy awful. This really arty-f@rty girl singing just stuffed it all for me. The music was generally much cheesier too. Some of it was ok, but that girl’s singing just ruined it. If I want to hear singing, I’ll go to a Kylie Minogue concert (and I’m doing that!). I’m not big on my genres being mixed, but I wasn’t the only one there who thought it sucked.

What really annoyed me was Marshall played “Sleep Ultra Violet” whilst I was downstairs hearing Electrochemie crap. Grrrrrrr.

Anyway, to the main part of the night, Mr Hawtin. He was bl00dy awesome. Best set since the Metro in 2000, and made me have faith in him again, since that awful set the last time he played at Gas. He played minimal melodic funk (Dave can give a better description than me) for the 2.5 hours he played. Lots and lots of material had never heard before, we think he was using loops from many many tracks, so it was harder to tell. Early on, he played a loop from a late 80s track, which drove me nuts, because I couldn’t remember what it was. It came to me yesterday – “Grandpa’s Party”! Think it was by Monie Love (can’t actually find my vinyl – have to look again). Dave couldn’t trainspot much – it made him real happy, not! Was so good I hated leaving the dance floor, and only did so to go to bathroom or get drinks.

We left about 10 minutes after his set finished. Emass and Methodixx played 2 tracks that were ok, but the next track was “bangin” so I can imagine what the rest of the night would be.

Anyway, that’s my 2c worth.


Have tried to find a black cover for the ipod over the past few days, but no luck yet. I found this cover that would be quite useful – cover, belt attachment and detachable arm band – but at $59.95, I don’t want to just buy any old one. Not sure about the arm band business – have seen a few people walking/running around with those sports ones, and I think they look ridiculous. Probably very functional though. Will have to keep looking. Either that, or pick either a silver or blue one. Maybe silver?
Went to the movies tonight with Kym, Lee, Hal and Amber. Michelle turned up to say hello, and then went off to dinner. We saw “Ocean’s Twelve”. Yes, it is the second time in two weeks for me, but I quite like it. And I like looking at Matt Damon. And Brad Pitt. And George Clooney. But especially Matt Damon. Brad Pitt’s haircut in this one is not particularly fantastic – I like him to actually have hair.
Decided to give eating out afterwards a miss, as George Street is the capital of crap cuisine. So I came home instead (took ages) and had a microwave meal. I think George Street may have been better!
I’m off to sleep. So much to do in the next few days, my head hurts just thinking about it.