This has been one weird week at work. It never stops, does it? I’m looking forward to the end of budgets soooooooo much.
Good stuff this week that is not related to work though. My best friend found a new place to live (YAY!). Dinner with Juliet on Tuesday at Quayside. It’s great there – brilliant views of the Harbour, the corn fed chicken was great, and I would recommend the chocolate pudding highly!!!. Then we had a lovely walk around the Quay. I like the wandering near water I think. I seem to enjoy wandering around Bronte beach just because it’s so nice near the water. I think one of my favourite places to venture in Europe was Venice, because of all the water. Spent so much time on vaporettos as I liked the sun in my face, and the sound of the water around me. Seems strange that I don’t like swimming that much!
Finished reading the Jeff Noon book a few days ago. Can’t find his other books at the Wynyard Dymocks, so I’ll go searching for them later. Got a new book “The Book of Joe” by Jonathon Tropper. Rather amusing. I love these stickers they put on books now, like “must read for Nick Hornby fans”. I didn’t notice until I bought it, but it seems that Davo will HAVE to like it as he really likes Nick Hornby books. We shall see.
Today’s gonna be a long day at work. Subway for dinner again. Been going in there so much when I work back recently that they all know me in there now! It seems that Wynyard is a much smaller place than Town Hall – people tend to remember you so much more.
Trying to figure out where to go out with Bec tomorrow night. Might go to Bungalow 8 for drinks, but have to figure out where to go for dinner. Been to Wagamama a lot recently, so would like to try somewhere different. Wagamama is a good place to catch up with friends, but the menu is not very friendly for me. It seems you can’t ask for chilli to be kept out of the main that I like the look of the most, as the chef gets mad. Hmmmm…will have to think about it later. Better get some lunch before I get too caught up with work this afternoon.
Lovely day for a walk I think!

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Thanks to Mr. G for making my weblog the point of his post on Friday! 🙂 Hello if you are reading this!
Busy weekend…Friday night was basically getting ready for the rest of the weekend, and watching part of that royal wedding in Denmark. Didn’t intend to, just channel flicked and found it. Thought the red carpet was a hilarious idea for a wedding, so continued to watch. One girl had the bad taste to wear white. Where are people’s heads these days? The groom is quite good looking, and the bride wore a great dress. No meringue. Had no idea who most of the people were, but was amusing to watch. Was impressed with the way the bride and groom were – didn’t look stuffy at all, but happy. If I was to watch a royal wedding again, I’d like it to be like that one!

Saturday was very very busy. Went to Mac and got my makeup done (as natural as you can possibly get with make up on!) and bought a bit as well. Afterwards had lunch with Jen at East Banc at Circular Quay, which was good, and then off to see “Swan Lake” at the Opera House. It was magnificent. I’d love to go again. The music was excellent, the costumes and stage set up was brilliant. I loved it. The only annoying part was 2 “ladies” behind us, who have not yet learnt what their inner voice is. Afterwards I had afternoon tea at the QVB, then off to my cousin’s First Communion.
I hadn’t seen most of my relatives for ages – the last time was just before I left for Europe – so it was great to catch up. My cousin Kahlee looked gorgeous in her dress and seemed to enjoy herself for most of the night. And then it was off home again (thanks Dad) and then to bed.
Sunday was the Lovedale Long Lunch at the Hunter Valley with Dave, Jen and Rob, and a bunch of other people on the coach. I haven’t been to an Australian wine region before, so it was quite interesting. Lots of fun on the coach trying to guess songs. Wish they’d had more 80s though! Most of it was too old for my ears. The food at most of the places was quite good, but I was really disappointed with most of the wines I tried. I think they were very cheap wines. Got some yummy olives, onion jam and dukkha to take home. I’m glad I got to finally see the vineyards. I think Jen is probably sick of me by now, considering I’ve seen her about 4 times this week!
And now I’m at work, budgeted myself to death. Where does it end?
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May so far:
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May – A nice relaxing weekend, filled with DVD watching, reading and lazing around. Got to watch “Japanese Story” (excellent, and an unexpected jolt in the middle); “Master and Commander” (Dave thought it was boring, but I quite like it); “Something’s Gotta Give” (Saw it on my Birthday as well. It was ok then, but I almost fell asleep this time round); and “Runaway Jury” (thought it would be bad, ended up being quite good, except the ending was not that fantastic).
Monday 3rd May – Went for a coffee with Jess. Was great to see her, as it’s been ages. Am planning to catch up again soon, as I still have to show her the Europe photos.
Thursday 6th May – Had both lunch and dinner with Jen. That girl will get sick of me! Very average wonton noodle soup for lunch in the eating area above HMV Pitt Street (I can’t remember the last time I had good food there). Dinner was after Jen’s first Spanish class, in the QVB. I’m taking 8 weeks off from Spanish, and joining Jen when she starts level 2. I missed too much myself during the past few weeks, with the budget at work, so I’m going to redo level 2 with her. And it seems that Beta will be taking up Spanish as well!
Saturday 8th May – After some pampering in Randwick, went to Fox Studios with Dave. Had lunch at Sports Central, which ended up having excellent food. We were pleasantly surprised! If it wasn’t for all the sports stuff in there, I’d go back more frequently! Then off to see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Best movie I have seen so far this year, and Dave agreed. It was great to actually see a movie with a different storyline. Not a big typical blockbuster. That’s not to say that I don’t like some blockbusters, but I need to see intelligent movies too! A quick trip home to relax, and then off to “Alio” in Surry Hills with Dave, Rowena and Charles. Excellent company and excellent food (service needs a bit of help though). Hadn’t had a chance to catch up with Rowena properly in ages, so it was great. I’m looking forward to her uni break in the middle of the year (well, I hope she has one!), so that we can hang out a little more! She only has 1.5 years left, and I’m counting the time down!
Sunday 9th May – nice day relaxing at home. Davo went to Ant’s and they did boys stuff together 😛 I watched a bit of “Matrix Revolutions” but want to watch the rest with Dave, so ended up watching stuff on Foxtel, in between reading “The Memory Stones”. Quite a good book actually.
And here we are at the present!
Off to lunch with Jen shortly, so that we can speak Spanish! Looking forward to the weekend – going to my first Ballet.
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I’ve been very slack with logs lately…been too busy at work, and then couldn’t be bothered on the weekends…
have had a great social time over the past month! April recap following:
Good Friday – Celebrated Davo’s birthday in the usual style. Went to really bad restaurant (Cine in Fox Studios), and really lame movie (Starsky and Hutch). The tradition continues! think he liked his pressies though, and my card was apparently the best 🙂
Easter Saturday – Shopping, lunch and coffee with Josie (and Brad briefly). Lots of fun – haven’t done that in AGES. Saw Dave Clarke and Funk D’Void at Space. Absolutely loved Funk D’Void, which was a nice surprise, ’cause I really didn’t when I saw him in Melbourne a few years ago. Dave Clarke was pretty good, but I don’t think he can surpass the time I saw him at Godskitchen. Was great catching up with lots of friends, some of who I hadn’t seen in quite a while.
Easter Sunday – arrived home after Space and swapped Easter Eggs. Yum! Slept most of the day, then had Hot Cross Buns. Had to do work at night. Grrr…
Easter Monday – had to cancel relo bash due to work. Further grrr… Dad, Ros, Chris and Phillip came over for 10 minutes, before heading to the relo bash, so we swapped eggs and Easter Show bags. Would much prefer to spend day with relo’s than doing work.
Saturday 17th April – Spent the morning at my hairdressers, getting coloured, and trying to fend off her kids (I was suffering from food poisoning from the previous night, so loud noise killed me!). Dinner with Davo, Lisa and Ant at a Spanish Restaurant in Crows Nest called “No Way Jose”. The name says it all. After an entree was spilled over me, the evening was loads of fun, including burnt paella, and steak that was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. I was lucky I had something bland (didn’t want to risk the food poisoning again). Went and had gelato afterwards, and that was better than the whole Spanish experience combined!
Sunday 19th April – Lunch with Sam and Glen at Bondi Tratt. Was great to see them – last time was in London in October, so it was great to catch up again with them and a few of their friends. We continued with the bad food experience (I swear I was jinxed wherever I went that weekend), with food arriving so late, and staff not being so helpful. Then we went for a lovely walk around Bondi, before heading to Icebergs for a few drinks. It’s really nice in there. Glen was remembered by a few of the locals – Bondi is such a small world! I hope they come back again soon, or I suspect it will be late next year before I catch up with them properly again.
Tuesday 21st April – Dinner with Monica. YAY! Back here for the first time since she left in August, and since I saw her in Belfast in October. Went to “The Library” restaurant in the Exchange Hotel at Balmain. Excellent company, food and service. The jinx was gone (well, hopefully)! Got to catch up which was excellent, and planned a few more times over the next week of her being here. Monica was suffering from jetlag, so we had an early night. And I needed it! The next week was hectic and lots of fun 🙂
Friday 23rd April – Drinks and Dinner with Monica, Jenny and Maria, with Paul popping in towards the end. Went to Cargo Bar for drinks, then off to Wagamama for dinner, and then to Bungalow 8 for more drinks. Those bars were not our cup of tea! We were all dying for a nice place to drink, where you could actually talk to each other, but the music was ridiculously loud in both places. Too many w*nkers in those places, so we didn’t stay for long. Hanging out with friends was the best part of the night 🙂 Paul was very drunk when he arrived, and got more so. He scared me more than my friends, I think! At the end of the night, we all wanted to find a place to have a coffee, but Wharf 8 has nowhere like that, well, not that we could see, so another early night!
Saturday 24th April – Spent lots of time with Monica 🙂 Went to Bad Manners and had breakfast, and off to Glebe Markets. I found some more great rings (Monica is lots of luck when it comes to shopping – I always find something I want when shopping together), and Monica found some great clothes. I don’t think Belfast has such a great selection. This was followed by tea at a cafe down from Bad Manners. Afterwards, I went off to the city to do some present shopping, and then ventured home. I basically had to get ready very quickly, and then Davo and I were off to Monica’s parents’ place for a BBQ. Lots of fun! Rowena, Charles and Linda were there, amongst some other friends of Monica’s. Was a great (but cold!) night. I think Monica has gotten used to Belfast weather, as she wasn’t freezing 🙂 Monica’s friend drove us home, which was great, but then we forgot the car parked at the station. Didn’t realise until the next day, as we were heading out to the movies!
Sunday 25th April – Went to see “Kill Bill 2”. Was excellent! I enjoyed “Kill Bill 1” heaps, so was glad that 2 was just as good. This was followed by Nadia’s 30th Birthday party at the Hollywood. Had lots of fun. I got to DJ which was fun, playing 80s music. Duran Duran, and more Duran Duran 😛 Saw someone I hadn’t seen in years, so that was interesting! Great cocktails, but I had to drive, so I didn’t get to drink enough!
Anzac Day – Had to do work. Grrr again. So there went my holiday. What I REALLY hate is that budgets at work always coincide with April, which is the month with most public holidays. So far this month, I have had to do work during each set of public holidays. I can’t wait until the budget process is over – at the end of MAY!
Tuesday 27th April – My last dinner with Monica. This time we went to Manjit’s Indian restaurant in Balmain, and then to a cafe much further down the road for dessert. Food was excellent this time, and I was so glad I got to see her one more time before she went. I can’t believe I’m writing this now, and Monica’s been gone for 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to Christmas, and her coming back for another holiday. I have to make sure she comes back! I know, I’ll just keep reminding her of how good the weather will be 🙂 🙂
Friday 30th April – Dinner with Davo, Lisa, Ant and Matt at The Heritage in The Rocks. Finally, we get to eat and drink at a place that is good! The place is massive – a lot bigger than you would guess from the outside. Food and service were excellent. Prawns for entree, mussels for main, Belgian mousse for dessert. Very loud and very fun! Wanna go back there again 🙂

Been so busy at work, haven’t had time to do much else. And now i get sick 🙁 Hope it’s not flu. I want to enjoy my long weekend.
Last Friday went to Wogamama’s with Jen for some dinner. Had great lime cheesecake! Wanted to go and have a drink, but there is no such thing as a cosy pub that’s not full of tosser’s on a friday night in the city. Well, not that I know of.
Saturday was my brother’s band competition. They were quite good, but didn’t win. I liked them a lot more than the bands I heard. We didn’t stay the whole time though, as it was in Bankstown, and had to get a train back to the city. Ended up on a train full of drunk and sunburnt people, who looked like they had been at Rosehill Racecourse. I don’t get the attraction of horseracing and gambling. But then again, most people don’t understand my attraction to Techno 🙂
Davo and I went and had Japanese and sorbet after. The city is so dead. We were talking about how we don’t have a favourite everyday restaurant to go to. We have a favourite really expensive restaurant to go to though! But it would be nice to have a place where we know the food and service is good, that we could go to whenever we feel like it. I used to have places like this. Where have they all gone?
Watched “The Good Girl” (not too bad!) and “28 days later”(quite poxy at times!) on DVD.
Spent nearly all day Sunday working. 12 hour days on Monday and Tuesday. I LOVE budget time, NOT! It’s gonna be like this until the end of April, which sucks. Got my best friend and 2 other excellent friends coming back home for short visits this month, so wanna spend as much time seeing them all as possible. Will work hard during the week, so the weekends can be free.
Davo’s birthday this Friday 🙂 Only 33. Doesn’t wanna really celebrate until he’s 33 1/3. Obesessed with music? NEVER! 🙂

I am currently trying to stop falling asleep. MUST FINISH MY SPANISH HOMEWORK!!! It’s taken 2 and a half hours, and I’m STILL not done. ARGH!
My eyes are closing…might have to get up early instead. I have a feeling I might be understanding it a little better now. But I’ll find out at my next lesson. I must keep practicing!
What a lame day. Some people at work can be really quite annoying (understatment of the YEAR!). Was in no mood for socialising, so had a nice relaxing lunch at a really great sandwich place, and went for a bit of a walk. Wynyard is such a dull place. Preferred Town Hall. At least the Queen Victoria Building was nice to look at. What’s good in Wynyard? If someone could tell me, I’d be happy.
Am excited as I’m going sailing on the weekend. Haven’t been sailing in years now. And my brother’s band made it into YouthRock. Hope his band wins.
Enough of my ranting for today…adiós 🙂
PS. Hi to Bec, Lou and Jewels 🙂

Thanks to Am3n3, I have some lovely new sounds to listen to today 🙂
Highly recommended: Alexander Kowalski’s “Emtec”, De-constructed by the British Murder Boys.
There’s a Funk D’Void remix on the other side, which is OK. But the BMB one is the best. Hope Dave Clarke plays it in a few weeks – be nice to hear it on a big sound system.
I swear Surgeon and Kowalski look like they could be brothers!
Saw “Monster” tonight with Jewels. Interesting film. I understand the Oscar now.
I shouldn’t see two confrontational movies in 4 days. Saw “Irreversable” on Friday, and now “Monster”. Think something funny is in order, but what?