Christmas Eve Insanity!

What an insane day!

– Got some urgent things done at work

– Picked up the last part of Dave’s Christmas presents, and a few things we needed.

– Went to Jenny and Rob’s. Had to grab her car key before they went off on holiday. Jenny is doing us a big favour and letting us borrow her car for the next week or so, which will help us get lots of stuff done before the move.

– Jenny and Rob dropped me off at Chatswood.

– Met up with Dave and Dad at Chatswood. Dad still had some Christmas shopping to do!

– Finally got to Dad’s place at just after 6.30pm. I left work at 1!!!!

– We all had dinner not long after, and then Dad and I went for a walk.

– Came back to find Ros’ parents and her brother Bruce and new girlfriend were there.

– Ended up going to bed quite early, as I was pretty stuffed.

Now I have to think of titles?

The last day has been quite good.

Last night I met up with Monica at The Royal Oak in Balmain. It was great to see her. She’s back from Belfast for 3 weeks, and it was April when I saw her last. We spent ages chatting and eating yummy food. I had Tasmanian Scallops in their shells for entree, and pumpkin ravioli for main. Monica had the same entree as me, and then had barramundi, as apparently you can’t find it in Belfast. Have arranged to go to Bronte Beach next week too 🙂

Was so exhausted by 10pm that I had to head home. I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep this weekend. Otherwise, I’ll go insane! Took me an hour to get home, and by that time I just wanted to collapse into bed.

Got home to find that Dave G had moved my weblog. THANKS MR G!!!! It looks much prettier now. I’m not sure what the problem with the original blog was, but I’m not into web stuff as much as he is. But I think the new one will be much more useful, especially when the photo gallery is there!

Crashed last night after getting the laundry ready, and generally whinge-ing because I wanted to sleep.

Had to get up at 6 this morning to get to my hairdresser’s in Concord. Andrea has been my hairdresser since 1991, as I had many awful experiences before I found her.

Got darker colour in my hair, and she did a really good job with the dryer. It looks straight again! I’m convinced I need to invest in some sort of hair straightening device now, as Andrea says it’s a while before I can get it done chemically again. I’m sick of the fuzz!

Had a (non-alcholic) drink with Annie at lunch a pub down the road. They had no lime, so it ruled out anything I wanted to drink. And there was a half hour wait on food, so we decided to grab sandwiches on the way back to the office.

Now I’m trying to finish something that never seems to end. I want to get it done today.