Europe 2009. Again.

So Dave and I have been discussing possible places for us to go in Europe 2009. This is based on being there for 7 weeks. Work/Money permitting.

Germany – 18 days
*Berlin. We love it. We want to go to some of the same areas and we want to see loads more of it. Like Potsdam. And Berghain πŸ™‚ I want to rent a Porsche for 1 day and drive it on and Autobahn playing Kraftwerk!
*Melt festival again, just outside Berlin. Because it was awesome last time.
*Frankfurt. Visit all our lovely friends there.
*One other place. Not sure if it will be Hamburg or Munich at this stage. I’d like to go to Hamburg, as I’ve been to Munich.

Spain – 7 days
*Barcelona. We love it. Need to see more of it (same as we do in Berlin). Maybe do Sonar again, but maybe not.
*Madrid. Neither of us have been. Art capital of Spain, so I’ve been told.

Italy – 7 days
*Tuscany. Because I’ve only ever been to Florence, and loved it. I want to do more, and Dave’s never been.

England – 4 days
*Windsor for Bec & Greg’s wedding
*Portsmouth to visit relatives

Switzerland – 5 days. Neither of us have been. Swiss Alps and Lindt Factory both a must

Prague – 3 days. Dave hasn’t been. Wants to go to the famous bridge so he can imitate an INXS film clip πŸ™‚

Japan – 4 days. On the way home. Neither of us have been.

Browsed through some photos by Beta and Patrick on flickr this morning. Argh I wish I was in Berlin now!

Thanks to my awesome Davo

Dave has been awesome looking after me whilst sick. He doesn’t usually need to do this, as I’m not usually completely house bound. But at the moment, I don’t need the cold to make me worse.

He has gone to the shops before work to get supplies. And he has cooked some lovely dinners, and bought me drinks when I’ve been feeling too crap to get out of bed.

Dave also came home tonight with the following:
* Cocoa Farm Dark Organic Chocolate – Yum!
* Max Brenner Dark Chicao Chocolate Thins with Ecuadorian Cocoa Bits – Drool πŸ™‚
* Flight of the Conchords CD

He also purchased “Cassius” by Foals for me on iTunes.

And he deserves his own post in my blog for all that.


Things I am liking. And things that I’m finding a “little” annoying.

These are some tracks (non minimal) that have come to my attention recently, and I like:

“Golden Skans” – The Klaxons
“Cassius” – Foals
“Intergalactic” – Boom Boom Satellites

Thanks to the iQ, we’ve started recording Rage. Usually, there’s about 6 hours of stuff that doesn’t interest me. But the occasional track or guests bring some stuff to my attention that I really like. So thanks Rage. But please, no more hosting by The Mess Hall. There was a lot of really awful stuff in their slot.

I have just found out, from my 17 y.o. brother, that blogging is lame. Why am I not surprised? Or worried? He is a lot younger than me! I also know that we have the same chest infection. Considering I haven’t seen him in about 2 months, it seems that whatever I have is doing the rounds. The sneezing and constant coughing has now subsided. My head is not feeling as blocked, but it’s still not brilliant. And the coughing, when it happens, is unpleasant. Well, very unpleasant. The doctor has told me to not go back in until Thursday, but I don’t know if I can handle another day in bed. If I actually wake up feeling better tomorrow, maybe I should ask my boss if I can work from home, so that I give my lungs a chance, away from all the bloody sick people at work. Who made me get this in the first place.

I swear, my lungs are like sponges for all illnesses recently. The advantages of asthma, not. Can work people who are really sick stay the hell home, and not infect me again? I’m pretty over being sick. I’m bored, and would like to do some work. And I’d like to be able to enjoy my weekend.

This is what was planned last weekend:

* Andrew Wowk and Kazu Kimura at Chinese Laundry with Dave
* Seminar at NSW Art Gallery with Alisia (Does media stimulate or stultify the flowering of art? Einstein, Diaghilev, Stravinsky, Bernstein, the Beatles, Bach and Vivaldi join this presentation along with Salvador Dali, Man Ray, the New Yorker, CΓ©zanne, Minkowski, Kupka, Joan MirΓ³ and Alexander Calder, as we move to abstract art with a cosmic perspective)
* Hairdresser
* The Chaser live at the Enmore with Dave, Rowena, Charles, Chris and Carla.
* Dinner at Bank’s Thai with Dave, Rowena, Charles, Chris and Carla
* Bjorn Wilke and Matthias Tanzmann at Chinese Laundry with Dave
* Taking Mum to lunch in Burwood

Apart from Chaser and Bank’s Thai, I had to cancel everything. Admittedly, both were lots of fun. And frightening for the Chaser, due to having front row centre seats (thankfully, we missed being hassled). But missing the rest of everything and swapping it for lying like a zombie in bed, constantly coughing and blowing my nose, is not what I really wanted to do.

So, now I will go to sleep, and hopefully wake up in the morning feeling better. Fingers crossed.

Flight of the Conchords, Art, Chocolate, Art, Chocolate, Clubbing, Too much sleep, and more Flight of the Conchords

What a fun, and also weird, weekend.

Well, Friday night did involve a lot of house tidying. I didn’t want to have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend. So after that, we watched the first episode of “Flight of the Conchords”.

I am now a big fan.

Thanks to Rowena, Charles and Helen for recommending it. After Arj Barker talked about it on Wednesday night, we finally got to it.

The music bits make me cry with laughter.

Another HUGE saturday.

Started with the NSW Art Gallery for the second weekend in a row for a Seminar on β€œMyths, mystics and music”. A brief description from the brochure follows:

“From Orpheus and the golden mean to Rilke on music, we explore the shared characteristics of the arts, myths and mystics. Myths transmute and reappear in new genres over time, as seen through Shakespeare and in great artistic movements including the Renaissance, the music of Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, French Impressionism and the Parisian intersection of Diaghilev, Picasso and Stravinsky. We’ll note parallel innovations in science with the periodic table, electromagnetic spectrum, spectography and astrophysics”.

The combination of a beautiful sunny day, lovely friends with me (Juliet and Alisia) and a great lecture (with inspirational music) made for a great morning.

We then headed to the Lindt Cafe at Martin Place for lunch with Chocolate. Let’s see, I had a bit of a roast beef sandwich plus a 70% dark chocolate Sundae (drooooooool), Juliet had a roast beef sandwich plus a hot chocolate (yum!) and Alisia had the waffles (oh, if only they still had salad there for lunch during winter, I would have eaten the waffles myself!). We had a very pleasant lunch, involving much talking about yummy famous men, art, and our upcoming trip to the Blue Mountains. It was a very entertaining lunch, and time got away from us.

Alisia had to head off at that stage (in preparation for dinner at Radio Cairo later in the day), and so Juliet and I alighted a 389 bus to Woollahra. This also involved a lot of discussion about the Blue Mountains, and what we would do in Woollahra.

We wandered around the shopping area at first, where Juliet had to fight the urge to go into Antique stores. Then we went into the Touch Galleries, at which we wanted to see the “Wales to Warhol” exhibition.

On walking into the gallery, each step has a Campbell Soup Can on each side. The first room at the top of the stairs was all Warhol. Mostly some of his Marilyn Monroe’s and Campbells Soup Cans. There were also some Rolling Stones and various sketches. A lot of it was similar to what I’d seen before, but was still lovely to see.

The second room was the Prince of Wales watercolours. We decided that he must have a reasonable amount of time to spare in order to paint these. They weren’t bad at all. I’m not usually a big watercolour fan, but I did appreciate these.

Afterwards, we made our way into a bookshop I had seen before. Of course, I found a (rather expensive) book on Berlin I hadn’t seen before, and promptly purchased it. All book shops are dangerous creatures!!!!

And then it was homeward we went. Another 389 bus followed by a lovely walk, a train for Juliet, and a bus for me.

On arriving home, it was time for a short 2.5 hour disco nap, after which we got ready in a hurry to go to dinner.

We met Sara from Melbourne at The Establishment (where she was staying), and wandered up the hill to the Belgian Beer Cafe on Harrington Street for dinner. It was great to see Sara, as we had only a short catch up with her and Damien in March in Melbourne. I wish the food had been great, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Sara and I both had the mussels mariniere, and were disappointed that there was no broth, and that the mussel shells appeared dry and unwashed. Dave’s dinner was pretty average too. Sara and I shared a chocolate pudding for dessert, which was dry. And the guy who served us was extremely surly. I’m glad for the great company, as the whole dining experience was pretty off-putting. I don’t think I’ll be going back there in a hurry. What happened to that place? Has it gotten too complacent after being around for a few year? Typical Sydney Syndrome I think.

Unfortunately Sara was too tired to come out with us afterwards, but it was great to see her, and hopefully we’ll get to see both her and Damien later this year in Melbourne. I think your engagement ring is gorgeous Sara, and the proposal story was very very cute πŸ™‚

So Dave and I got a taxi to Kings Cross, to go to “The Cross”. Yes, it’s confusing. “The Cross” is a club in the Bourbon. Why on earth it’s called “The Cross” is beyond me. I think it was done to confuse people.

Up we went to find a relatively small crowd (it was only 12am), and found our friends in the side room, listening to Kate Doherty. After a good catch up, I wasn’t getting into the music, so went to check out the main room with, John Devecchis. He was playing a track I really liked, followed by a lot of not so interesting stuff, with questionable mixing. So I ventured back into the side room for Bjorn Wilke, who was not bad.

We were all waiting for Alex Smoke, so we ventured into the main room for him. Unfortunately, he didn’t start until 1.30, so we stood around a while, trying to amuse ourselves until he started.

I really really loved Alex Smoke. His whole set was very danceable, and exactly the sort of music I’d expect from him. I don’t understand the people who didn’t get into it – they obviously hadn’t listened to much of his stuff before. I didn’t stop dancing for 2 hours. Neither did Dave, who only took a toilet break right at the end of his set because he couldn’t wait anymore!

The crowd thinned out during his set, which was fine by us, as it got rid of most of the idiot factor that I’d come across at previous Lost Baggage’s. I’d have to say it was much less annoying than ususal.

At the end of Alex’s set at almost 3.45, we went back to the side room for Matthias Tanzmann. I really enjoyed what he played, but could barely keep my eyes open. Obviously the disco nap hadn’t helped much. We had to leave at 5am, as I just couldn’t move or keep my eyes open. And we were lucky to get a taxi the second we left πŸ™‚

Thanks to Dave, Lisa, Ant, Brad, Hayley, Silvana, Ben, Bianca and Rob for making it such a fun night.

After getting to sleep at 6am, I woke up at 12, had a sandwich and looked at the internet for a bit, and then went back to sleep.

This is the weird part of the weekend. When I woke up again it was dark. It was 7pm. I couldn’t believe it. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that! I thought I would have been up at 3.

Dave had only been up since 5, and was happily watching Ghostbusters.

After having a quick diner, we decided to watch some more “Flight of the Conchords”, which kept us in stitches. After 4 episodes, with a bit of other TV in between, Dave went back to bed, and fell asleep immediately.

I, on the other hand, could not sleep. What a surprise!

After watching a bit more TV and tidying up a bit, I decided it was time to call Bec in England. It was 11.30pm here at this stage. We had a great chat for an hour. I love 0018! It was great, as I hadn’t talked with her in ages. We discussed her engagement, upcoming wedding, work, friends, england, holidays, new york, etc. It was so good – but time goes so fast.

I STILL couldn’t get to sleep, so decided to watch that night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” which promptly really did the trick and got me to sleep. At the grand time of 1am.

So today, I am feeling a little tired. But happy. The sun is shining, there’s lots of work keeping me busy, and I have thoughts of Europe 2009 in my head. One word people. BERLIN πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Holy Crap

I just found the clip that made me discover Duran Duran. It’s from Countdown. The “Techno Rock Movement” bhwhahahahahahahahahhah:

Sorry, haven’t stopped laughing about that quote yet.

I think I love YouTube. I’m finding all these clips that I saw in the 80s, but not since my brother recorded “The Love Boat” over one of my Duran Duran tapes (grrr) or the mould from Bronte killed the rest.

Duran Duran Set Lists

Sydney Entertainment Centre – 28th March 2008

The Valley
Red Carpet Massacre
Hungry Like The Wolf
Planet Earth
New Religion
Falling Down
The Reflex
Come Undone
A View to a Kill

Last Chance on the Stairway/All She Wants Is/Leatherette/I Don’t Want Your Love/Skin Trade/Tempted

Ordinary World
Save a Prayer
White Lines
Hold Back the Rain
(Reach Up for the) Sunrise
Wild Boys

Girls on Film

V-Festival – 29th March 2008

(Reach Up for the) Sunrise
Hungry Like The Wolf
Planet Earth
Red Carpet Massacre
Save a Prayer
Girls on Film
White Lines
Hold Back the Rain
Wild Boys

This is Planet Earth…

…but I feel like I’ve been in Heaven πŸ™‚

Duran Duran blew my mind tonight. I’m a very very happy Durannie. I will embellish later. Time to go to sleep, in preparation to see them again.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Help please!

I may be meeting Duran Duran this week. It is highly unlikely, I know, but it may happen.

In the event that I do meet them, I wish not to be rendered speechless. You may laugh, but yes, it has happened before. In front of a few of my favourite dj’s, music producers, bands and movie stars (yes, remember the Keanu story :)). It has happened before with Duran Duran, but I was 13 and in my early 20s, so I could use age as an excuse, or not.

Anyway, I’d like some assistance with topics of discussion. Amusing or not, I need SOMETHING other than “I love you. I’ve always loved you. I had posters on my wall of you since I was 10, etc, etc”.

You see, I was 10 A LONG TIME AGO. So it would be mortifying to refer to it, and realise how much I have aged.


Yours truly, No 1. Australian Duranie at OLMC Parramatta during the 1982 to 1987 period.