Long Weekend

I had a great weekend! Was filled with lots of friends, family, music, movies and relaxing. If only I could have the rest of the week off!

In summary:

Disco Nap!
Tad’s Birthday Bash at the Burdekin. Davo was DJing too. Fun, nice to sit down for a while and chat with Davo, Tad, Liz, Kelly-Anne (sp?), Josie and Mark.
Lost Baggage at The Cross. Claire Morgan (excellent!), Layo and Bushwaka (ok), Aril Brikha (mostly meh) and Joris Voorn (mostly meh – and upsettlingly so, as we had to wait until 3.30am to see him, and he was the only reason I went!). Got to spend the night with fun friends (Davo, Lisa, Ant, Wowk, Seb, Ed, Claudia, Bekk, Rod etc) so made the best of it. Annoying as all hell crowd though. Man, find some manners!
Took 2 hours to get home. One hour trying to find a taxi. Giving up, then getting two trains and a taxi home. Arrived after 7am.

Sleep until 3. Was supposed to go to movies during the day, but had to pull out, as I wouldn’t have coped on 3.5 hours sleep.
Bread & Butter harbour cruise on The Lady Rose. Much better night! Music was better, if a bit all over the place. Joris improved dramatically, but still, his set flow is not conducive to dancing. Had a fun night with friends (Davo, Tad, Dave & Kelly-Anne, Wowk, Seb, Nick, Sara, Jarrad, Tim, Tom, Michael, and more people who I met but can’t remember the names of now!). Was considerably amused by Wowk and Seb’s dancing “skillz” 😛 I really enjoyed Seb’s Fully Hektik Bro dancing, and Wowk’s Borat stylee dancing. Best parts of the harbour cruise. Am wishing Joris played “Lost” though. I listen to it every day on my ipod. And what was with dropping us off at Pier 1, when we started at Opera House? Annoying! Thanks to Wowk & friends for trip to Maccas (ergh) and lift home (yay!). No taxi hell!

Sleep until 10-ish. Think I stuffed around on the internet. And Davo and I watched Dexter – yay!
Met Josie at Greater Union George Street for “Juno”. Nice feelgood movie. Started off worried by the language (really annoying teenage talk) but either it didn’t worry me after a while, or they started speaking like humans most of the time.
Josie and I went to Lindt Cafe at Cockle Bay. I had a yummy 70% dark chocolate Sundae. Josie had a passionfruit thing.
Got back home around 6. Bl00dy tired. Think I cleaned up a bit, and so did Davo. Then watched the Brad Pitt “Jesse James” movie. Very good – wasn’t your typical movie experience. Took a while to build up to major events. Was impressed by how horrid “Robert Ford” character was. He’s not usually as horrible in other movies. Great acting, nice pace for a Saturday night after 2 very full on days! Watched a bit of “Control” before falling asleep.

Sleep until 10-ish. Watched a bit more of “Control” whilst waiting for my parents.
My brother Phillip turned up about 1.30 and drove us to my brother Michael’s for a family Easter lunch. First time we’ve done an Easter lunch in years! There was me, Davo, Dad, Ros, Phillip, Michael, Tracy, Sascha, Tyarna, Skye, Trent, Summer & Phoenix. Nice relaxing afternoon, spent chilling out, playing with nieces and nephews, annoying the dog whilst everyone watched football and bad movies, and talking with Rowena.
Dad, Ros and Phillip dropped us off at home and had a coffee.
Yummy dinner made by Dave was Chilli Con Carne. Watched the remainder of “Control” (I love that movie), “The Tudors” and “Meadowlands”.

Sleep until 12-ish. The day of relaxing!
Dave did a lovely fry-up for breakfast.
Spent most of the day catching up on some viewing – mostly “Underbelly” and “Meadowlands”.
Davo made a great chicken and vegetable curry for dinner 🙂
Had weird dreams last night, that involved going from Epping towards Sydney on some magic transport system!!!!

And today I’ve been at work. It’s been busy. So I decided to treat myself to a facial to slowly get into my week 🙂