Amsterdam Dance Event

I didn’t think anything could top Thursday night…and then came Saturday/Sunday.

Saturday afternoon started with my lovely host, Carlos and Luke, making me Dutch Pancakes. Had 3/4 of one with pineapple, and a 1/4 of one with banana. Yum!

Disco nap ensued, once I’d calmed down after finding out that Tony (Surgeon) was playing a secret gig, and got all the details.

Then it was drinks and pommes frites with Xhin at his hotel, and bumping into Tony, who’d just had an interview, and was on his way to his secret gig. Was great to finally meet Tony’s manager, Natasha. She thought I’d be really tall for some reason – HA! Little did she know…

After 2 extremely strong vodka’s with apple juice, I drunkenly made my way to the barber shop (!) that Tony was playing at. He thought, as did I, that he’d be playing some tracks in the background whilst people got their hair cut. It ended up being a proper gig in the basement! About a hundred people, in a dark sweatbox. Bloody excellent. Full on techno set that had everyone going off. Really lucky that Nensi and Andrea told me about this (thanks!!!). Didn’t stop dancing the whole hour. So hot, some guys took their shirts off (!). How not-techno! Afterwards, got to briefly chat with Tony, Natasha, Jamie (Blawan) and Steve (Ritzi Lee). And got some photos with Tony and Jamie 🙂

Then it was back to the apartment to shower, change, have an hour disco nap, and then out for more techno.

Firstly, Trouw. Got to hear some of Developer’s set, which I quite liked. Then almost 1.5 hours of DVS1s set. Been waiting to hear him play out for so long. Really enjoyed it! Trouw was actually quieter than other nights, but I much preferred the crowd this night here. Didn’t get elbowed in the head once. It was really hard to leave, as I was enjoying it so much. But Surgeon’s gig was calling. And then as I was leaving, DVS1 played a Surgeon track 🙂

Then it was off to Hotel Arena for the last 1.5 hours of Surgeon’s set. What a great venue. Think it’s an old converted church. Found Nensi and Andrea in the locker room, and proceeded to head downstairs for Tony’s set. Found Natasha and her friends pretty quickly. All up the front. Tony played another excellent set. Very thrilled to get to hear him twice in one day. The crowd was a bit too much for me though. WTF is it with these really tall morons who jump around and fling themselves about, to the detriment of my head and body? I’ve got some bruises, I can tell you! I didn’t want Tony to stop playing. It was just too good.

Went to say goodbye to Tony, as I thought it would be the last time I’d see him this trip. Got to meet Vince Watson, who was really nice, and bumped into Steve again, and then harangued Tony about coming back to Australia. Which he took in very good humour 🙂 I was feeling quite sad after this, as I knew it would be the last time I’d get to hear Tony play on this trip. And if he doesn’t come back to Australia soon, it might be a few years 🙁

Then it was back to Trouw for the last half hour of Xhin’s set. I really wanted to hear more than this, but knew that I’m going to see him play Tresor this Friday. I got there, and the door was shut, but, thankfully, the bouncer remembered me, and let me back in. Loved it when he played “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. Sang along, like a girl 😛 I had tears in my eyes from it. Such a fantastic track, and always reminds me of Davo, who I really wish could have been with me to enjoy all this.

After Xhin finished, I got to chat with him and Zac (DVS1) for a short while, until they went for the artists’ breakfast. Zac was lovely, gave himself only 3 out of 10 for his set (!), and found out I’d be seeing him at the Melkweg afterparty for Sandwell District. Met Xhin’s greatest fan (this is what Natasha keeps calling me about Surgeon). Good to meet other like-minded people once in a while 😀

Raced back to my apartment to shower, change, have a quick 30 minute disco nap, and then out for more techno (sound familiar? 🙂 )

Then it was to Melkweg. Karl (Regis) had apparently told a fan of his (who then told me) that Sandwell District was going to be on at around 8am. So I arrived at 7.30am, and found Nensi and Andrea. Speedy J was on, and played a great set, and played until 8.30. By this stage, I was wondering where Karl & Dave (Function) were. Asked someone who worked there if there were set times, and he said that there weren’t any. Then Rod came on, played quite hard, but too much playing with the effects started annoying me, so went looking for a drink at around 9.30am, and then found the set times. In which I found that they weren’t playing until 11.30am. ARGH! So I had two more hours, and was pretty tired by that time. 5 days of clubbing does that to you!

Unfortunately, that was too much for Nensi and Andrea. They were exhausted and headed home. I saw Zac and had a quick chat with him, finding out that the location of Karl and Dave was unknown at that stage! They’d had a pretty hectic week of gigs, so I expected they were in transit.

After Rod, Hans Bouffmyhre was next. His set was ok, but I was really just making myself stay awake, so that I didn’t miss Sandwell District. I found out about 10 minutes before they were due to start, that they were on their way. Tequila time! The woman gave me a double though, so I was a BIT over exuberant.

When Karl and Dave turned up, they looked completely exhausted. Hours earlier, they’d been playing in Fabric London, and now they were playing in Amsterdam. Their set was dark and suited my mood (probably theirs too). The lighting and smoke machines seem to make Melkweg pretty dark at times too. Barely could see anyone! Found Natasha and her friends again though 🙂

I didn’t want Sandwell District to finish. Was the last time I’d hear them this trip. They played for about an hour and 15 minutes. Danced non stop, wore myself out. I was completely tired by the end of their set. Karl disappeared quickly, said a quick goodbye to Dave, Natasha and her friends. Wanted to say bye to Zac, but he was in an unreachable place behind the stage, listening to Nina Kraviz.

Got on the tram, and Xhin and I decided to meet at his hotel again for drinks, before he took his flight back to Berlin. Walked in to find Tony eating breakfast. Quickly told him I was there to meet Xhin, not trying to stalk him!!! Xhin and I had bacon and eggs, and then Adrian (Developer) joined us. Then it was time for Xhin to head, we briefly chatted to Tony, and I wandered back to my tram. Finally got back to my apartment at 3.30, and fell asleep an hour later.

It was the last day of the Amsterdam Dance Event. I had a bloody excellent time, so glad I came here. Was quite a bit solemn when I got back, thinking about all the great music I heard, and all the lovely people I met, for it to be over. But I have some excellent memories and experiences now.

Had 3 hours sleep this afternoon, waking up at 7.30pm. It’s now 3am and I am only starting to get tired now. Been chatting with Carlos my host, and Szilvia, Mark, Ben and Xhin online, which has kept me very entertained!

It’s time for me to sleep and dream. Thanks Amsterdam for this. And apologies to everyone for my many many posts about this. I’ve been overexcited and overstimulated, like a child. Now, it’s time to chill out! 🙂

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  1. I can’t work out if you at only a quarter of a banana pancake, or only 1 of 4 of the pancakes was a banana one. I mean, a quarter of a pancake isn’t much, so I’m assuming the latter. Unless you didn’t like it, and decided that you only wanted to eat that much. 🙂

  2. Matt, these pancakes were so filling, there was no way I could eat more than one! The guys went through a whole packet of flour and lost count of how many pancakes they had. I, on the other hand, tend to have a much smaller appetite when I go clubbing a number of days in a row, and could barely make it through what they gave me!

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