Sleep Deprivation

Well we FINALLY arrived in New York after 33 hours of sleep deprivation. We got to New York on Friday 31st at 4.40pm, but it took us until 11.30pm to get to sleep. I’m now awake (at 11.30am) as we are meeting Rowena and Charles for lunch. But think I need more sleep. Davo is still dead to the world.

I will be more enthusiastic once I get another good sleep.

The hotel we are staying at is great. The room is very quiet, bed very comfortable and enough room to swing a cat. I slept like log. Just need more of it.

We walked around a couple of blocks last night to find somewhere to eat, and thought the vibe was great. Friday night in NYC seems like fun! It’s hilarious as there were 2 Starbucks in very close proximity, so the Chaser were right! Dave has already found 2 huge shoe shops. No chocolate shops close but I suspect I’ll just search for Godiva in the next week.

Ok time to get ready. Will write more exciting stuff (hopefully) later.

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