Sad :(

Well two of our very best friends are moving to Berlin this week. Lisa and I met at Tweekin’ in 1998 (I think) discussing a similarity in taste of males at the time, and have gotten along like a house on fire ever since. Lisa and Ant started going out in 2000 (I think) at a birthday part of mine, and Dave and Ant have gotten along like a house on fire ever since too.

But they are off to the other side of the world this week. And we’ll miss them 🙁

It seems to happen a lot. Back in the 90s, a lot of friends went over for a year or two, and then came back. In the past ten years, so many of our friends have gone to Europe to stay. Most have moved to England: Beta & Aaron, Bec, Brad & Hayley, Dave & Valli, Samantha & Glenn, Monica (started in Ireland). Some moved to India – Silvana & Ben. And now Berlin: Lisa & Ant, and shortly Natacha.

So I’m feeling a bit sad right now.

Off to bed, and to (hopefully) dream of a one month trip to Berlin next year. August 2010 is in the diary.

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2 thoughts on “Sad :(”

  1. Oh Joanne Stop it I’m about to cry, we’ll you’ll be over next year, we can’t wait, it will be a dream to have all of us in Europe together. XX

  2. Oh we REALLY want to come over next year too – it would be great to be in Europe together 🙂 🙂 xx

    Say hello to everyone for us. We miss you all.

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