So yep I haven’t posted in a while. Been a very busy 3 months. What’s been happening?

* Music – Harbour cruise (although RPR cancelled), V festival (Madness & Human League), Deep as Funk (Daniel Dreier, Minilogue), Berlin Sessions (Stimming), Kink (Konrad Black), Metro (Loco Dice), Qirkz (Fourplay), Liverpool St (MotorCitySoul), We Love Sounds (Dinky, Anja Schneider, Guy Gerber).
* Food – Yum Cha (a few times), Bathers’ Pavilion, Tetsuya’s, Epoque, Pendolino (twice), The Longueville (a few times), Globe Bar, Pony, GPO food court (a few times), Almond Bar, Cafe in Chatswood, Settlements Bar, Lindt Cafe (a few times), Fink Chocolate Cafe.
* Trips away – gone to Bowral a few times to visit family, Berry to do some shopping.
* Movies – Berlin Calling, Summer Hours, Star Trek (at the Imax), My Year Without Sex, Angels & Demons, What Just Happened, The Proposal, The Girlfriend Experience, Cheri.
* Comedy – Danny Bhoy, Jeremy Hotz, Reginald D Hunter, Nick Sun.
* Friends from o/s visiting/leaving to go overseas – Hayley came back from England for a friend’s wedding, Beta came back from England for her sister’s wedding, seeing Lisa & Ant as much as possible before they move to Europe, discussions with Rowena & Charles about our upcoming USA trip together.
* Art – volunteering a few times a month at the NSW Art Gallery, Private Eye at The Observatory Hotel, talk about The Opera House, Trivia Night.
* Family – my niece Sasha’s confirmation (and me as her Sponsor), family coming over and vice versa for catch ups.
* Work – too much to do in too little time, with March to May being budget time. I’m still recovering. Now gotta complete training so that I can go on my holiday without stressing too much.
* Home – dishwasher playing up, oven now playing up, but I got half my filing done, and put in my tax return. Now I want my bonus!

And our USA trip planning. 45 days left until we head off. Flights, trains and buses all organised. Half the accommodation organised and paid for. Going to book Alcatraz and Statue of Liberty tonight. Have to figure out what clubs to go to.

The trip has been updated a bit. Now it’s New York (8 days), Philadelphia (1 day), Boston (4 days), Chicago (5 days), San Francisco (4 days) and Los Angeles (2 days).

Gotta save a lot for the trip over the next couple of months, so going out will be done cheaply. And we wanna go to Melbourne (for our 11th anniversary and to see the Dali exhibition) and to Adelaide (to visit Davo’s family) later this year, so I think I’ll be going out to few expensive things in the meantime.

But I’ve found out that the shoes I buy here are 125% less in in the USA. And some other things are very cheap as well. Here’s hoping the exchange rate gets better 🙂

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I like lots of things, passionately. Apart from my friends and family, travel, music, art, books, movies and food, are what I'm most passionate about. Those who know me will probably think "Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Surgeon, Regis, Duran Duran, Renoir, Monet, Jeffrey Smart, Jane Austen, Bernard Schlink, Chuck Palahniuk, The Bourne Trilogy, Garden State, Atonement, Chocolate, Frangelico, Sashimi, and more chocolate".

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  1. It was actually very very funny for the most of it. Of course the ending was soppy, and there were a few plot holes, but it had Fiona and I in stitches for a lot of 🙂

    How is London BB? Warm? Wish we were warm!

  2. Yeah, we’ve been lucky the days are hovering around the 20 deg c mark. As high as 24 right now! I’m feeling pretty lucky because LDN is just crap most of the time!

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