Change of Plans – New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco

So we were planning to go to Europe in July/August this year. But it’s not happening anymore. Can’t get away from work in time to go to Depeche Mode and the Melt Festival. I’m rather miserable that I’m not going to Berlin this year, but I think I’ll make it a present to myself for my 40th 🙂

So now we’re going to the USA. Only ever been there for 24 hours before, way back in 1992, coming back from England.

So Depeche Mode twice in New York should be great – with Davo, Rowena and Charles. Figured out there’s so much to do there, but hopefully 10 days will be alright.

Also planning on going to Chicago for a week – the birthplace of house – and San Francisco for a week. Oh, and Philadelphia for a day (I need to go to The Barnes Foundation).

Tickets were purchased today. Thanks to Delta for such cheap flights.

Planning is well and truly underway.

So hints for places to go in these cities would be great! Got quite a few things in mind so far, but please add more! Especially clubs that play techno, tech-house, minimal house, minimal techno!

New York
Clubbing: The Bunker, Rebel
Everything Else: Depeche Mode at Madison Square Gardens (twice), Empire State Building, Twin Towers Memorial, Central Park, go in a TV show audience (like Saturday Night Live), MOMA, Guggenheim, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Rockerfeller Centre, Times Square, a zoo, Manhattan Bridge, Coney Island, Kaz Deli, Stage Deli, Meat Packing District, Harlem, Lennox lounge, Soul Food.

Clubbing: Ideas please!
Everything Else: Sears Tower, Wrigley Field. The Art Institute of Chicago, Ferris Bueller Self-Guided Chicago Tour (Dave’s favourite movie :)), a zoo, The Art Institute of Chicago.

San Francisco
Clubbing: Ideas please!
Everything Else: Alcatraz, Napa Valley, Trams, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Coit Tower, San Francisco Cable Car Museum, Union Square, a zoo, Audium Civic Centre, SFMOMA, The Castro, Chinatown (esp Nan King).

And if you’re in the US while we are there (either living or touring), it would be great to hang out 🙂

Am excited!

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2 thoughts on “Change of Plans – New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco”

  1. Hi!
    SF advice only from me: investigate Alcatraz before you get there if you can. I didnt make it over to the island because tickets were sold out so quickly on the day I wanted to go and even the next day. The boats were full and I just couldnt get there. I really liked Golden Gate park, seeing the beach and imagining where Oz was from the west coast of the US and exploring Haight Ashbury.

    If you want to blow the budget see if you can eat at French Laundry in Napa Valley. Anthony Boudain’s descriptions of the food there are amazing.


  2. in SF – you really gotta check out Haight+Ashbury but it’s not as cool as it used to be. Gotta check out Amoeba Records at least…
    Sounds exciting. Wish I could make it over in July/August – should be hot in the city. So fun!

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