Day 22 – Friday 1st August

Media total: 1.5 hours.

SOOOOOOOOOOO busy today. Doing training at work during month end. I was exhausted by lunch.

Tried to go to a nice cafe to eat, but there was nowhere to sit inside, and I didn’t want to sit outside. Had fish and chips, but it wasn’t that good today – this was strange.

Kept doing more training after lunch. More exhausted. You may not believe me, but I hate having to talk all day non-stop. IT IS TRUE! It’s tiring. And if I’m quiet, it doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. I like quiet too. YES IT IS TRUE!

Enough whining now.

After work, met up with Rowena, Charles, David J and Dean at The Green Park pub for a few drinks. Then we went to Phamish for a yummy dinner. I had salt and pepper squid (only a little too salty). You order at the counter, and there was a massive queue, so when everyone else ran out of rice, they decided not to bother. Would like to go back there another time when it’s not so packed.

Then it was off to The Hordern Pavillion for Regurgitator and Devo. Got to see 45 minutes of Regurgitator, which was a lot of fun. Their drummer was new – she had a haircut like my brother Chris had a few years ago. Maybe drummers like having hair in their faces whilst going nuts! They really got everyone into the mood for Devo.

Then it was a short wait for Devo, who were great, and a lot of fun too. Dave and I saw them in Barcelona last year, and they did a lot of the same tracks, just in quite a different order. They wore the yellow suits and lego hats again, and threw quite a few hats, suits, and little balls into the audience over the 1.5 hour show. I was hoping they’d play “Beautiful World” but they did it in quite an unusual way, which made me wish they hadn’t done it. But everything else suited me to a T.

The audience was mostly good. I felt quite young!!! A few knobs in front of us, and some people who don’t know when to shut up, but otherwise great. Ended up chatting to a few randoms as well, which doesn’t really happen as much. Nice friendly vibe.

I was dropped home by Rowena and Charles (THANKYOU!) and then tried to sleep. Too awake though. Watched an hour of “No Country for Old Men”, so got to bed way later than I should have. Bad move.

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