“The hardest bouncer of the city”

My favourite club in the entire world (so far) is Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin, my favourite city in the entire world. I’ve been to Berlin 3 times now (1991, 2005 and 2007), and have been to this club 3 times.

On attempting to gain entry the last time I went there, we were confronted by “Der härteste Türsteher der Stadtz” – The hardest bouncer of the city. It was 4am, we’d just been to Tresor and Maria, and wanted to go to Berghain/Panorama Bar as the last club we’d get to before leaving Berlin.

I’ve just found this thanks to someone on littledetroit.net:

Yes it’s him. I didn’t actually find him that scary. I was actually fascinated by him, as I usually don’t like a lot of face jewellrey and tatoos, but this guy looked amazing.

From all the clubs I’ve been to overseas, I’ve learnt that speaking English is not going to get you in any favour with anyone. So Dave and I kept quiet whilst queuing to get in. There were probably 20 people in front of us. When we got to the door, “Der härteste Türsteher der Stadtz” asked Dave something in German, which we had no idea how to answer (or understand). So I said “sorry we don’t speak German” (in German). He was obviously not pleased with this, as he proceeded to say something to the other bouncer in German, which included the word “English”. I said “Nein English – Australien!”. And with that, he let us in!!!!

Next year, I’m hoping to know a little more German. I love Berghain/Panorama Bar, and I wanna go back some more. And I hope he’s still working there.

PS. I have no idea what they are saying in the video. Someone on littledetroit has suggested that he’s saying “yeah, I work at Berghain on the weekend, scare the UK punters and stuff” 🙂

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