Europe 2009. Again.

So Dave and I have been discussing possible places for us to go in Europe 2009. This is based on being there for 7 weeks. Work/Money permitting.

Germany – 18 days
*Berlin. We love it. We want to go to some of the same areas and we want to see loads more of it. Like Potsdam. And Berghain 🙂 I want to rent a Porsche for 1 day and drive it on and Autobahn playing Kraftwerk!
*Melt festival again, just outside Berlin. Because it was awesome last time.
*Frankfurt. Visit all our lovely friends there.
*One other place. Not sure if it will be Hamburg or Munich at this stage. I’d like to go to Hamburg, as I’ve been to Munich.

Spain – 7 days
*Barcelona. We love it. Need to see more of it (same as we do in Berlin). Maybe do Sonar again, but maybe not.
*Madrid. Neither of us have been. Art capital of Spain, so I’ve been told.

Italy – 7 days
*Tuscany. Because I’ve only ever been to Florence, and loved it. I want to do more, and Dave’s never been.

England – 4 days
*Windsor for Bec & Greg’s wedding
*Portsmouth to visit relatives

Switzerland – 5 days. Neither of us have been. Swiss Alps and Lindt Factory both a must

Prague – 3 days. Dave hasn’t been. Wants to go to the famous bridge so he can imitate an INXS film clip 🙂

Japan – 4 days. On the way home. Neither of us have been.

Browsed through some photos by Beta and Patrick on flickr this morning. Argh I wish I was in Berlin now!

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