Well I just spent a whole week in bed. Sick. What a waste of time. I was so over it, I looked forward to going back to work.

It’s such fun, not. After spending most of the weekend of the 12/13th in bed, the antibiotics didn’t seem to be kicking in. On Monday, the Doctor tells me I need to give the antibiotics a chance. By Wednesday, I was feeling worse, so I went back in. Stronger antibiotics – result. By Friday night I was feeling a hell of a lot better.

So I thought I’d go ahead with some of the weekend plans.

Saturday Day
NSW Art Gallery seminar with Juliet. “Imagination in our time: a window of the mind”
“Is progress real? Are sound, music and colour the root of our existence? And what makes genius? If Einstein and Hubble can fantasise the universe in the name of science, can artists create the universe under the guise of imagination? Sibelius, Berio, Ligeti, The Beatles and favourite string melodies will bring together the threads of the series and offer the chance to create your own map – as seen by Martha Graham and…yourself”.

It was the last in this series of lectures on the “Great Minds” series. It was mostly good – lovely music, lovely art, and quotes. And more quotes. And quote after quote after quote. I’d suggest more content and less quotes would have made it a great lecture series. But I think Juliet, Alisia and I did enjoy the lectures we went to. And I’m looking forward to the series “Monet’s World The Cultural Background to Impressionism” that starts next month. Alisia is coming with me to all the lectures, and a few other friends are going to come to some of the lectures. Details here if you are interested

Lunch at Lindt

Juliet and I went to the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. We both had a roast beef sandwich and a hot chocolate. Yum!

Doona (Also known as duvet and quilt) Shopping
I realised at this time that I still wasn’t yet feeling 100% – the hot and cold feeling and blocked nose and cough was still happening. So I decided to get home as quickly as possible.

Having said that, Dave and I had planned to meet to buy a new doona, so we had to get that done. We realised both our doonas were about 17 years old – Dave bought his when he first moved out of home, and I got mine when an ex moved overseas. Both these things happened in 1991. We have been sleeping with both doonas, and we still have to wear extra stuff to bed to keep warm (I have been known to wear a scarf and beanie to bed as well as pyjamas). I decided that this was probably not helping my sick situation.

So we went to Myer. Dave got there early and found what we needed. Thankfully we have similar taste in colours, so it took about 20 minutes. And I am now sleeping better than I have in years!

It’s a Downia Silver Collection Goose Down duvet, made from 85% goose down. Thankfully, Myer has a sale on, so it was 30% cheaper. Still, OUCH! We also got a new doona cover with pillows, in coffee with block patterns.

And then home we went, after stopping for DVDs, bread and some stuff for dinner.

Saturday Night
Doona testing (there is nothing rude in this next section!)
I decided that a nap was in order to test out if it was warm enough. It’s so light, we thought it wouldn’t be warm enough. We were wrong! I had a nice nap, and woke up feeling very toasty. And not so sick.

DVD and more doona testing (still nothing rude!)
We watched “American Gangster” and really liked it. And then it was time for sleep, as we were heading to my parents on Sunday.

The doona was too warm for me on Saturday night. I kept waking up because I felt too hot. First time in years in winter I haven’t had to wear socks to sleep.

We picked up the rental car and headed down to my Dad & step-Mum’s. They live in a nice country area. Well, it’s country to me. I think anywhere about an hour out of Sydney is country!

We got an upgrade with the car and ended up with a monstrous 4 wheel drive – a Nissan X Trail I am only 5’2″ tall, and don’t like driving massive cars. It was ok, just felt bumpy on country roads. Apparently all 4WDs are like that. I have to say I would much prefer a cool car – like the Audi A4 we got last year in England

We just hung around Dad & Ros’ for a while, then headed out for Dad’s belated birthday lunch. Dad is very hard to buy presents for, and his idea of a great place to go eating is Chinese at the local RSL. It’s always nice to do that, but I wanted to do something a bit more special, so we went to this place that I’ve seen great reivews for, called Eschalot

The place is lovely – it’s a converted house, where a number of rooms are for dining, and the rest are the kitchen/etc. We all decided that mains and desserts were in order. I had Wagyu Sirloin for main and a Chocolate Fondant with Sorbet & Rhubarb for dessert. Dave had the Duck and two cheeses for dessert. Dad had the Wagyu as well with the Creme Brulee. And Ros had the pea soup for main and the Chocolate Fondant for dessert. We were all pretty happy with our choices. I thought my main was ok, but it didn’t cut very well, – Dave had a bit and said the meat tasted like it had been frozen and thawed. So it didn’t slice or chew easily. Dave’s duck was a bit too fatty for his liking. But everything else was great. The Chocolate Fondant was divine. I’m drooling thinking about it!

We actually realised that we never usually get to just go to lunch or dinner with Dad and Ros. Usually our brothers and sisters are with us – which is great – but it was nice to have a relaxing lunch just with the two of them. I’m thinking we should do this for Ros now for her birthday in August. Maybe the same place, but maybe somewhere new. Recommendations in the Bowral/Mittagong/Berrima areas and surrounds would be great.

Then we headed back to their place – full and tired! We watched a bit of “Atonement”, but nobody really got into it (apart from me). We decided a nap was in order, which is typical when we are there. Apparently it happens to all their visitors – the altitude is different. It’s also a lot colder – on average 5 degrees colder than in Sydney. After a light dinner, Dave and I headed home.

Doona Result! (Still no rudeness here!)
I now no longer sleep badly in the doona. I think it was just the first night when we weren’t used to it. I now wake up feeling refreshed, and not like a load of bedding has been suffocating me in the night. YAY!

Back to work. Mostly well now. Oh, for a holiday 🙂

And congrats to Kate who had a baby boy on Saturday 10th May.

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