I am very excited at the moment. Two reasons:

Firstly, I won a Slices DVD with a small documentary on British Murder Boys (BMB) http://sensemusic.en.blueend-server.de/attachments/issue_23.jpg This was by guessing Surgeon’s favourite sumo rikishi: Takamisakiri. And now my name is appearing as the winner on Surgeon’s website http://www.dj-surgeon.com/ 


We were at Tad & Liz’s a month or so ago, and they had the DVD, so I have already seen it. But I do want a permanent copy 🙂 

Also, it will be a permanent record of our last night in London last year. BMB played at Fabric that night, and it was Dave’s first experience of the place (my second). Even though it was WAY too packed, it was a great way to finish of our trip. I can’t think of anything better than my last day involving Surgeon and Regis 🙂

And no, you can’t see us in the DVD. But we know where we are!!!

The second reason that I am excited is I managed to get VIP tickets to the Duran Duran concert at the Entertainment Centre on Friday 28th March. It was a VERY VERY expensive call, but I think getting in the first 5 rows AND having a chance to meet them is worth it.

We don’t find out until the night whether we get to meet them or not. So if I do, there will be a very very happy post here the next day. Still a happy post if I don’t meet them. But you know, you can’t have everything. And I have met Nick Rhodes before and gotten his autograph (I was 13 at the time, and nearly fainted!). And I got to talk to Simon Le Bon on the radio in the early 90s (I was 21-ish and nearly fainted!). And I did get to touch the hands of John, Nick and Andy at the last concert in 2003 (didn’t feel faint this time!). So I shall gracefully not burst into tears if I don’t get to meet them 🙂

The bad thing about it though is that all my friends who are going will be elsewhere in the place, so we can’t all sing along to Planet Earth together. Oh well, we can sing along at dinner later.

And no, it is not the most I’ve ever paid to go to a gig. I think BMB would win that prize. In 2003, after seeing BMB in Tabernas, Spain, I decided that I had to see them again. So, I bought close-to-last-minute flights. And got a train from Florence to Rome, flew from Rome to Amsterdam, got a train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. Then I went to the gig. And had a bloody great time. Then I did the same travel in reverse. And it was worth every minute and every cent.

I’m not obsessed with music, am I?

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