So the night of Friday 21st of October, I now have 2 options:

1. Go to Dundee in Scotland for British Murder Boys.
2. Go to London for Guido Schneider.

Hard decision. Dave reckons it should be an EASY decision as I have now seen BMB 3 times, and have never seen Guido Schneider.

But I think BMB are excellent (hmmm, not that anybody would know that :P). So it isn’t that easy.

Comments please!

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3 thoughts on “Dilemma”

  1. You’ll probably be seeing BMB here in AU next year! Go see/hear some other/different stuff that you’ll not have as many chances to see… I’d love to see Guido!

  2. mel, yes, that may be true 😛

    LCD, i know it is very possible that they may come to AU next year. but still, it is a hard choice! i do love guido’s sounds as well. this is why it’s a hard choice.

    too much choice over here!

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