Bratislava and Regis

Friday 30th September

Well I can say that Bratislava was a strange experience. Apart from getting to hear Regis and Toky, and meeting up with Stano through Tomas (Peth on Little Detroit), I can say it was pretty much an experience I do not want to revisit!

I got up in Munich at 8.30, so 2.5 hours sleep, and then made my way across the road to the Hauptbahnhof. Managed to grab a rather strange chocolate croissant before getting my seat on the train. Was seated next to a lovely older guy from Salzburg, which was nice as there were loads of loud obnoxious tourists further up in the carriage. I LOVE my ipod. I really do! It blocks out noise 🙂 It’s weird, but the sound of people speaking in different languages actually soothes me, and I could listen to it for hours on trains (not that I understand nearly anything!), but listening to really loud tourists drives me up the wall. Hmmm, maybe I should think about that, as I am NOT the quietest person 😉

It hit me today that this was the longest trip I made to hear some music so far. 9.27 train from Munich, changing in Austria, then arriving at Bratislava at 3.45. Ergh.

Least I got some sleep on the train. The lovely old guy got off at Salzburg, so I had two seats to sleep on! Decided to get some food before changing trains, and ended up eating Hungarian chicken and rice. Yum. Couldn’t eat much though – lack of sleep does that to me – and the waiter was concerned I didn’t like it! I told him I was full, but he looked sceptical.

Finally made it to Bratislava. I get a taxi to my apartment. And things start to really make me mad. Basically, if you ever go to Slovakia, do NOT use Castle Club on the internet. They continually stuffed me around, and to make matters worse, there was no hot water in the apartment. I was pretty mad, as it was expensive, and cold showers when it was bloody cold is not my cup of tea.

The really amusing thing was when I asked the girl who took me to the apartment where there was a good place to eat around there, and she told me there was a MCDONALDS down the road. Yeah, go to Bratislava, eat McDonalds. I don’t even eat it at home!!!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any real Slovakian food as I was too tired and needed sleep.

Anyway, enough of my rant. Finally made it to a shop to buy a ticket for tonight, and headed back to my apartment to sleep for about 3 hours. After many sms’s whilst trying to sleep, Stano and I arranged to meet at Sub Club (previously U Club). Got up at 10pm to get ready, which is when I found out there was no hot water (ARGH ARGH ARGH), ate a ham and lettuce bun for dinner (boring, but at least it wasn’t chips!) and headed out to the club.

The apartment I was staying in was not a serviced apartment. It was just at the back of a block of apartments. On exiting mine, I encountered a rather scary homeless man under the building stairs. I bolted out of there, hoping he would be gone by the time I got back.

Taxi driver knew where the club was, right under Bratislava Castle. Really cool club too. Like a bunker. Have to go through a massive tunnel to get in there, and there is no mobile phone reception. So finding Stano did not end up being as easy as I thought. Drinks were ridiculously cheap. Place was quite packed. And it was around 11.45, and Regis was setting up onstage. So things were looking good now.

It was really easy to blend in here. Everyone dancing towards the stage made it easier. Just had to keep on looking out for Stano. He said he would be wearing an Aphex Twin t-shirt. Don’t EVER try to meet someone who you don’t know how they look when sleep deprived. He meant the Aphex Twin symbol, but I thought he meant actual words. So it wasn’t until 4.45am that I found him!

In the meantime, I actually made the most of the night. Loved Regis’ set. He played some awesome tracks. He was really into it by the looks of it – jumping around quite a bit, and got some headphones to use as a microphone at one stage (I recorded it :)). All on Ableton. Nobody can tell me Ableton is boring. I’ve now seen Surgeon, Regis and Richie Hawtin using it, and I wasn’t bored at all!

Karl played for 1.5 hours which was too short for my liking! But now I’ve seen him play, I’m happy.

Afterwards, a local guy called Toky played, who was excellent as well. A bit harder though, and the rest of the night got harder and harder.

I chatted to Karl for a few minutes after his set. He remembered me from Kozzmozz, and thinks I’m a mad Australian now 🙂 So do a few people really (or so Dave tells me!). I think that is a pretty rich comment coming from Karl actually! Got a photo with him, and I look very pasty. No tan so far – it hasn’t been that warm.

By 4.45 I decided to head home, but that was when Stano found me. He had actually tried to talk to me earlier in the night, but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying (it was extremely loud!), so I didn’t think it was him. I was also expecting someone a bit older, but he’s 19. So we ended up chatting until the club closed, me learning quite a few things about Slovakia in the process, and drinking more beer (Pilsner but way too much for me to even contemplate drinking!). Stano and his friends John and Michelle were going to walk me home afterwards after stopping at Stano’s, but it ended up being the opposite way to my apartment! We walked across the Danube, and then I got a taxi back, ending up at the apartment at 7.15am.

Was a fun night, but wish I had had more sleep before hand. I wanted to be in bed by 5am, but typical, that didn’t happen. All I wanted was a hot shower afterwards, but that wasn’t to be.

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