Kozzmozz photos so far…

Well there are some photos around for Kozzmozz already. Official ones here:


Click on pictures then KZZMZZ 10Y 01 or KZZMZZ 10Y 02. I think most of the photos from KZZMZZ 10Y 01 is the main room where BMB and Justin Berkovi and Sebastian Kramer played. There is a great photo of Joel Mull in KZZMZZ 10Y 02 as well!

I actually found an unofficial photo one with Doris and I in it, but you can only see us from the back, in the centre of the photo. We are dancing behind a guy in a green t-shirt with yellow on the front who is a lot taller than us. I have my hair tied back as it was so damned hot i looked like a fuzzball!!!


Dave found me – but can you?!?!? 🙂

There are loads of unofficial photos here:


Too much to do today to update anything else. Been in Museum Ludwig all morning in Köln. Awesome. Picasso, Lichtenstein, Warhol…Yeah!

Off to Kompakt records now and then back to Frankfurt for another great museum, and a traditional dinner with Andreas and Iris . Argh, can’t believe this is the last day for me to see them. Hope they come to Australia later this year.


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