Anniversary, Zwolle & Surgeon, and back to Frankfurt

Sunday 18th September


Well considering we didn’t get to spend our anniversary, going to Surgeon (well, it was the 18th Sydney time!) and then having dinner with Andreas and Iris in the evening was a very close second best. Really good day.

Didn’t get much sleep, and then woke up early-ish (10am) to get some breakfast before it closed. Was so tired it took me ages to get my stuff together. Was really distracted and tired. Too little sleep. I woke up dehydrated – combination of beer and very hot room and sleep deprivation!

Missed the train I wanted to get, so I wandered around Zwolle for a while. It is a lovely small town. Hardly anyone was about. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed (not unusual apparently) so I couldn’t buy anything. Maybe that WAS a good thing 😛 There were so many great older buildings and a lovely lake. Wish I could have spent more time there. Think I am a bit over big cities at the moment! The less tourists the more I tend to like it!

My only annoying issue today was being charged 30euros for a supplement on my train ticket which they shouldn’t have charged me for. I was really mad too as there were no seats available on the carriage, and then to find this out really dug the knife in! Have to try and get a refund now. Note to self: do not book train tickets at small stations!

Then it was on a few trains to get back to Frankfurt. The train was late into the Frankfurt Airport again. Really strange that the only trains that are late this time are German ones. Last time, German trains were the only ones on time! Andreas picked me up again (thanks AK :)) and then it was back to his place. Andreas and Iris made another lovely dinner, and I talked their ears off about the last week. Then we went to a bar called Moloko+ for some drinks. Mmmm Contreau. Unfortunately nobody seems to have heard of Frangelico yet, but there are other alcoholic beverages to consume!!!

Afterwards we dropped Iris off, and then Andreas and I stayed up to 2 chatting about music. I can’t believe I actually stayed up that late!

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