Madness! Zwolle and Surgeon

Ok, it has been NUTS the past few days. I haven´t had time to blog. Only time to post about Saturday, and then I`m off to find some food as I am hungry!

Saturday 17th – Zwolle

Had a nap and some good food at my hotel before Tony and Gerhard (sp?) picked me up to go to Hedon. Was funny because I picked my hotel to be close to Hedon and it was on the same street!

Got there when the club opened at 10, so chatted with Tony and Gerhard until Tony was due to play at around 12.30. Really enjoyed his set. Was happy that it was quite a long set as well 2 and 3/4 hours 🙂 Tony played quite a mixture of new and old tracks. Varied and friendly crowd too, which was a nice change from Fuse the previous night.

As usual, my photos are mostly crap. Recorded about 1 minute of the set in my camera, and got lots of blurry photos.

Didn´t want the night to end, as it will be the last time I see him play for this trip. But I do have lots of other music nights coming up which hopefully will be good too!

Had a beer after the set, and then they dropped me off at the hotel, and I tried to get to sleep. Couldn´t sleep for hours – I think the beer woke me up again! I was quite wobbly and chatted to Davo for an hour before trying to get some sleep.

Another excellent night. Really enjoyed. Was great to meet up with Tony again, and get to hear excellent music.

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