So much happening…Pascal Feos, Dominic Eulberg, and 10 years of Kozzmozz!

Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th September

Short-ish post, as I’m at the only computer at my hotel. Will try and fill in details later…

Well I’ve been in Europe for 3 days and I’m having a ball.

Air travel was annoying. Couldn’t sleep Sydney to Singapore. Then had parents with baby from Singapore to Frankfurt. It wasn’t the baby that was noisy!

Arrived Frankfurt Friday 9th. Taxi driver dropped me off at the wrong street, so I had to wake up poor Andreas at 6.30am. We caught up over breakfast, and then I slept on and off all day.

Andreas and Iris made a great dinner – yummy falafel – and then it was time to get ready to go out.

Went to Cocoon first. The first dj – Dorian – was not bad. Then Pascal Feos came on. He played “intelligent minimal”. Andreas and I went into the DJ booth. It’s high above the dancefloor, and looks like a Star Trek Enterprise! Excellent booth set up.

Was interesting that the second I was left on my own, someone would come up and talk with me. The first time was a guy who looked 12 (he was probably 18) tried to pick me up! Considering my age, I think the boy was quite toasted! Then someone asked me if I had any asprin. You can imagine what I thought of that! And then someone else asked me if I liked Jagermeister. It was quite funny.

Afterwards, Andreas and I went to East, where Dominic Eulberg was playing. He was excellent. Played a great techno set. Very amusing crowd too! Wish we could have stayed longer, as one of Andreas’ friends was playing, but my feet were falling off, and I had a big day ahead of me.

3 hours sleep, then was off to Ghent in Belgium. Couldn’t sleep on the train, so kept myself busy listening to “Old Meets New” from Surgeon’s site, and a decoded set by Dave featuring Steve Rachmad.

Had a quick shop and a short nap before Doris met me at my hotel, and we went for a drink around the corner. Was great to finally meet Doris. I think she liked the Kath and Kim fridge magnets!!!

Doris and Tony invited me to come along with them to the Kozzmozz pre dinner. Excellent company and great food. Chatted mostly with Doris, Tony (Surgeon), Karl (Regis), Roger (Sleeparchive), Justin (Berkovi), Sam (Deetron) and Joel (Mull). Karl didn’t want to talk about the cricket 🙂 (I am SO GLAD i did not meet Karl one day later, as I would NEVER have heard the end of the final Ashes results!!!).

Went back to the hotel afterwards for a short nap, then off to Kozzmozz. Massive party – completely packed, and hotter than 51 regent street in the old days! Saw Joel Mull, Cabanne, Deetron, Justin Berkovi, Seba Lecompte and British Murder Boys. Best set of the night was BMB. Played some new stuff which I’ve only heard on the internet – was great to hear it on a proper sound system. Really enjoyed Cabanne as well.

Excellent night – had lots of fun, and was great meeting up with a bunch of lovely people.

3 hours sleep again and now I’m in Brugges. And off to sleep 🙂

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