Dave, Friends, Food, High Tea, Shopping, DVDs.

After an awful Thursday night, partly my own fault and partly some bastard who let Dave down, I thought we were in for a crap weekend. Thankfully, we sorted things out, and ended up having a great time.

Friday night

* Dinner at Bravo in Crows Nest
Dave and I hadn’t been to Bravo in months, and the food was better than before. We both had spaghetti – Dave’s was with meatballs, and I had a spicy sauce. Followed by gelato – chocolate & lemon for me, and chocolate, lemon & pistachio for Dave. Which was not a very good idea as it was damn cold (probably 11 degrees YUCK!). On leaving Bravo and venturing to the bus stop, we felt like we were going to freeze both internally and externally!

* Nothing that exciting
The rest of Friday night was spent doing various things including:
– Watching some shows we’d recorded during the week
– Dave playing computer games

* High Tea at Lilianfels in Katoomba.

Met Mark, Helen F and Stephanie at Central to get the “fast” train to Katoomba. “Fast” is in inverted commas due to the fact that the trip from Central takes 2 hours, and probably 3 in total including getting to Central. I think driving takes about 1.5 hours from my place.

We were made a little late by a medical issue at Strathfield, so instead of getting to Katoomba at 12.29, we got off at Leura at about 12.45 and got a taxi.

I didn’t realise until I got on the train that the annual “Katoomba Winter Festival” (or “Feral Festival as our friendly taxi driver called it) was going on in Katoomba, which explained all the unusually dressed people on the train. Also, the inappropriately dressed, being that the maximum temperature in Katoomba was going to be 11 degrees, and a girl wearing only a t-shirt and a small skirt (I think) was spotted on our train. This was not a great thing to find out, as there were 12 of us going to High Tea, and it may mean it would be harder to find seating.

Well we all found seating, but not together at first. Unfortunately you can’t book High Tea in Lilianfels, so we were told that as we were having high tea at 12.30, instead of later in the day, we would be fine. I think they forgot about the “Feral Festival”. The staff were extremely flat out.

As soon as we got there, poor Karen and Sean had to take their little boys (Matthew and Benjamin) elsewhere, as they’d been there for an hour and the kids were running riot. But we got to chat a bit to Juliet, John, Amy and Dave Gi.

It wasn’t the fabulous service I got last time I had high tea there, but I think the problem was mostly that they had loads of people there at a time much earlier than usual. But I will go back again, and make sure it doesn’t clash with any festival!

* Shopping in Leura
Afterwards, Amy & Dave Gi went up to Katoomba to check out the “Feral Fest” and the rest of us went to Leura for some shopping. We only had an hour before the train headed back to the city, so we made our ways to the shops we liked best, and then met up at Leura Station.

As usual, the first stop was Megalong Books, where I found “A guide to modern + conetmporary Art in the city Paris” , and “Stalin’s Nose” by Rory Maclean, which looks like a fiction travel book of the eastern parts of Europe. Yes, I liked the Trabi on the front cover (it reminds me of Berlin) ;). I also mentioned on the way in that I’d found a really good Berlin book last time I was in there, and someone overheard me and asked where they could find it. Unfortunately I took the last copy.

Then it was off to “Leura Whisk” to decide if I wanted the tea cups I found a few weeks ago. I yet again decided that I already had too many tea cups, and continued up the road.

I went into a great gallery, “Michael White Art” where I found a print I really liked, but left with cards when I found out the cost of the print. There were quite a few lovely prints. I must go back there next time.

And then it was quickly through a few other stores, a quick farewell to Juliet & John, and off to Cafe Josophan’s to get a hot chocolate, before heading up to the train station.

Thankfully we only had to wait about 5 minutes on the incredibly cold train station. The train ride on the way back went very quickly. Luckily we got seats, and we also got to see more unusual costumes of people returning to the city after the festival.

It was a very nice way to spend a day with friends, just felt so rushed!

* Dinner, DVDs and no clubbing

On the way home I picked up some DVDs and dinner for Davo and I. I was too tired to consider clubbing (although I did want to see Heiko Laux).

We watched “Rendition” which we really liked, but I think the ending was a bit abrupt. I always like to see movies with Peter Sarsgaard and Jake Gyllenhaal, as I think they are quite good actors. Their looks help too 🙂 Dave reckons I like Peter Sarsgaard as he’s like the Andrew McCarthy of the present day. I hadn’t picked up on that before, but definitely agree.

And then Davo decided more computer games were in order, while I tried to watch “Sweeney Todd”. It was hard to decide whether I wanted to watch it. I tend to despise muscials. They really drive me nuts. But a great cast and the fact that the director also hates musicals changed my mind. It’s not that bad, but I haven’t had time to watch the last hour. Will finish it tonight.

By this stage, it was time for some reading and then sleep. I thought we’d watch “3:10 to Yuma” on Sunday, but that went out the window!


* Breakfast at Epitome
Another place we hadn’t been to in ages – Epitome in Lane Cove. Was acutally a good experience this time. Food was great and service was quick. Haven’t had a big fry-up for breakfast in sooooooooo long.

* Shopping in Crows Nest

We’d seen a book in the window of “The Constant Reader” that we wanted to check out. So we went, found it, didn’t want it, and I ended up leaving with a book on Chagall. How surprising!

Then we just ventured around Crows Nest checking out some shops, but didn’t find anything else we really wanted, apart from more gelato at Bravo (even better than yesterday – yum!) so headed home. I had a short nap, and Dave played more of GTA4!

* Balmain

Dave, Rowena, Charles, and I met up with Monica in Balmain. We found a cafe and spent a good 2.5 hours there catching up. Charles had KB beer, which I took a photo of, but has somehow magically disappeared off my phone 🙁

Then we decided to have dinner, and ventured up the street to “La Boheme”. It has all sorts of food – Bavarian, Belgian, European, German, Hungarian, Vegetarian. I love the layout of the restaurant too. Dave remembers being there before with Rowena and Charles, but we think it was called something else.

We had a great time – the food was excellent and we had a lot of laughs. For entree, I shared Escargot with Garlic Sauce with Rowena (yum), for main I had Hungarian goulash & dumplings (more yum) and for dessert had Belgian Chocolate Mousse with Berries (excellent way to finish off the meal!). Also drank Staropramen beer, although most of that was finished by Dave (I rarely drink beer, and when I do it has to be extremely cold or I can’t finish it). Everyone else had wine, the first bottle of which was called “Vampire”. They all seemed to enjoy the Australian wine better 🙂

Monica and I were almost in shock when we realised we both liked Foals. In 20 years, Monica and I have NEVER agreed on any music. It was very distressing and we must never admit this again 😛

It was a very entertaining evening, including a drunken Dave when we got home. I don’t think anyone else realised!

* Home

It was so cold last night. I thought we’d freeze. We both did a few things on the internet, and time got away from us. I got more engrossed in my book, and didn’t get to sleep until 11. Which was early considering the last week, but I want more!

We had a great week, so much of it being spontaneous. Dave and I would like more weekends like that!


I woke up feeling crapulous. So sick of getting colds constantly. Erika went home sick after lunch – she didn’t look too good. Had auditors hassling me all day. I wanna go home!!!!

Weeks blurring

I’ve not had much of a chance to blog recently. So I will do a summary of the few weeks since I went to the Blue Mountains:

* Got a promotion. Now am doing my old job as well as doing the Transactional Products area, and am responsible for training another staff member now. This has resulted in me being much busier than expected, as this was done just as we were getting ready just for year end.

* Have had many lovely work lunches with friends – Alisia at GPO, Michael T at David Jones Food Court and Helen F at Suminoya.

* Had a filling replaced, which means no more pain when having cold things.

* Jenny, Fiona, Fiona, Karen, Deborah and Christa came over for a night of nice smelly things and relaxation.

* Went to Ettalong with Sandra, on a beautiful and not too cold day. We had lunch at the RSL (!) and I got a little drunk on Smirnoff Double Blacks. Really enjoyed the ferry ride there and back from Palm Beach. Have to do this again.

* Missed the wedding of Dave & Valli in Brisbane. Have seen the photos and it looked gorgeous. Wish we could have gone.

* Lots of clubbing:
– Lost Baggage at The Cross, with Gaiser and Marc Houle. Gaiser is brilliant and hot, hot, hot 🙂 Marc Houle was the same as every other time I’ve seen him. Enjoyed hanging out with Dave, Tad, Liz, Lisa, Ant, Brad, Hayley, Wowk and Jarrad. But the crowd, as usual at those parties, was appalling.
– Arq, with Stephan Bodzin and Dubfire. Bodzin played live, was amusing (he wore rubber gloves and played with phallic looking things) and was nice to hear a few of my favourite tracks of his. Dubfire was not bad, but was too tired to stay for the whole set.
– We Love Sounds at the Hordern Pavillion, Royal Hall of Industries and The Forum, with Dave, Rowena, Charles and Tad. I had a lot of fun, especially getting to hear (and see 🙂 ) Gaiser again, enjoyed Ellen Alien’s set and thought Dubfire played 45 minutes of good stuff, which he could have mixed with a bit more interest. Was bored to death by Lindstrom, Steve Lawler and Marc Houle. Not too many crappy people. Not too cold. Was too tired to go to the after party at The Cross but wish I had. Dave, Ant and Tad all enjoyed it!

* Many lovely dinners with friends. Been lucky with restaurants lately. Will be going back to all of these:
– Atelier in Glebe with Josie. Excellent company, food, Cosmopolitans, decor and staff.
– RedOak in Clarence St for Vanessa’s birthday. Hadn’t seen Vanessa & Jason in over a year, and was great catching up. Excellent food there too. Lovely tasting plates, of which Dave had a meat one. Will be getting one next time!
– Catalonia in Kirribilli with Dave, Lisa and Ant. More excellent company, tapas to die for, Caprihini’s.
– Ainoya in Kirribilli for Brad’s birthday, with Dave, Brad, Hayley, Lisa, Ant, Sylvana, Ben, Verity and Brad. Even more excellent company, lots of laughs, excellent Japanese, great Lychee Cocktails, and our own private area. I think our noise scared everyone else off though!

* A relaxing facial.

* Sex & The City at The Entertainment Quarter with Tad and Liz. Unfortunately no Cosmopolitans were available at La Premiere, so I had to settle for Frangelico, followed by Smirnoff Black. We had yummy food too. Liked the movie a lot.

* Reminiscing over our late European trip. Right now, a year ago, Dave and I would have been in Barcelona. And tonight we would have been going to the Minus party, with Magda & Rebecca Aff playing. We’ve been missing the warmth of Barcelona, the brilliant tapas, and the fun times we had together and with our friends. Dave and I have since decided to go to as many Spanish restaurants as possible until we find Patatas Bravas EXACTLY like we had in Barcelona. So, after going to Catalonia last week, we went to Raquels in Darlinghurst this week. Excellent food, but we still have to search for the patatas bravas. Wonder where we shall go to next week?

* Met up with a very old friend, Samia. Had a great lunch out in Max Brenner at Parramatta. Got to meet Sam’s lovely children, Audrey and Marc-Antony too. We haven’t seen each other in about 15 years, and had a great catch up over waffles. Am looking forward to our next outing!

* The first lecture in the series of “Monet’s World The Cultural Background to Impressionism” at the NSW Art Gallery with Alisia. This is a brief description of the lectures today:

– The Paris of the Impressionists – Professor Roger Benjamin
Paris was a magnet for the artists of the 19th century. Roger Benjamin, research professor in the history of art at the University of Sydney, looks at how the cultural and intellectual ferment of the city influenced artistic practice.

– Literature and the modern city – Professor Margaret Sankey
In the age of Impressionism urban life formed the backdrop to the work of novelists and poets. Margaret Sankey, McCaughey Professor of French Studies at the University of Sydney and a specialist in the history of ideas, provides a map to literary Paris.

Professor Benjamin was brilliant. An excellent presentation, very amusing at times (Crikey!) and lots of lovely works to see. Professor Sankey basically read off her notes, and I didn’t take in a lot of what she was talking about. Not well prepared to use Powerpoint either. Overall though highly enjoyable.

Afterwards, we tried to find somewhere to eat, and it took us an hour to find something that wasn’t full or closed. High Tea at the NSW Art Gallery wasn’t available until 2pm, and the lunch menu didn’t grab us. We tried the cafeteria at the gallery (full), The Tea Rooms at the QVB (closed for a private function), Glass at The Hilton (closed), Ivy (closed), The Observatory for High Tea (full), and Swissotel for High Tea (full). We couldn’t believe it. We basically were ready to give up, but then I remembered Max Brenner at MetCentre. Thankfully it was open and had seating. We had lovely sweet lunch: Alisia had waffles, and I had Fondue. It was a lovely way to keep out of the cold.

After our experience of full places to eat, I wondered a couple of things. Is there really a recession coming? And what do tourists say when they can’t find a nice place to eat, on the spur of the moment, on a weekend. I tend to book things way in advance, as most of my friends know. But the one time I don’t, it’s almost impossible. A taxi driver we had today told us of a couple of ladies from Melbourne who had a similar problem recently. Why are so many places closed on a Sunday? After my experiences in Melbourne, I can see why they are now the tourism capital of Australia. I don’t think I’ve ever had trouble finding a good place to eat there. Do I have to go to a crappy food court even on the weekend, if it’s a spur of the moment thing?

Anyway, it’s been a mostly enjoyable few weeks, albeit a bit busy with work. I just wish it wasn’t so cold!


Well I just spent a whole week in bed. Sick. What a waste of time. I was so over it, I looked forward to going back to work.

It’s such fun, not. After spending most of the weekend of the 12/13th in bed, the antibiotics didn’t seem to be kicking in. On Monday, the Doctor tells me I need to give the antibiotics a chance. By Wednesday, I was feeling worse, so I went back in. Stronger antibiotics – result. By Friday night I was feeling a hell of a lot better.

So I thought I’d go ahead with some of the weekend plans.

Saturday Day
NSW Art Gallery seminar with Juliet. “Imagination in our time: a window of the mind”
“Is progress real? Are sound, music and colour the root of our existence? And what makes genius? If Einstein and Hubble can fantasise the universe in the name of science, can artists create the universe under the guise of imagination? Sibelius, Berio, Ligeti, The Beatles and favourite string melodies will bring together the threads of the series and offer the chance to create your own map – as seen by Martha Graham and…yourself”.

It was the last in this series of lectures on the “Great Minds” series. It was mostly good – lovely music, lovely art, and quotes. And more quotes. And quote after quote after quote. I’d suggest more content and less quotes would have made it a great lecture series. But I think Juliet, Alisia and I did enjoy the lectures we went to. And I’m looking forward to the series “Monet’s World The Cultural Background to Impressionism” that starts next month. Alisia is coming with me to all the lectures, and a few other friends are going to come to some of the lectures. Details here if you are interested http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/events/cal/monets_world/lecture_listing

Lunch at Lindt http://www.eatability.com.au/au/sydney/lindts_cafe.htm

Juliet and I went to the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. We both had a roast beef sandwich and a hot chocolate. Yum!

Doona (Also known as duvet and quilt) Shopping
I realised at this time that I still wasn’t yet feeling 100% – the hot and cold feeling and blocked nose and cough was still happening. So I decided to get home as quickly as possible.

Having said that, Dave and I had planned to meet to buy a new doona, so we had to get that done. We realised both our doonas were about 17 years old – Dave bought his when he first moved out of home, and I got mine when an ex moved overseas. Both these things happened in 1991. We have been sleeping with both doonas, and we still have to wear extra stuff to bed to keep warm (I have been known to wear a scarf and beanie to bed as well as pyjamas). I decided that this was probably not helping my sick situation.

So we went to Myer. Dave got there early and found what we needed. Thankfully we have similar taste in colours, so it took about 20 minutes. And I am now sleeping better than I have in years!

It’s a Downia Silver Collection Goose Down duvet http://www.downia.com/aus_products.html, made from 85% goose down. Thankfully, Myer has a sale on, so it was 30% cheaper. Still, OUCH! We also got a new doona cover with pillows, in coffee with block patterns.

And then home we went, after stopping for DVDs, bread and some stuff for dinner.

Saturday Night
Doona testing (there is nothing rude in this next section!)
I decided that a nap was in order to test out if it was warm enough. It’s so light, we thought it wouldn’t be warm enough. We were wrong! I had a nice nap, and woke up feeling very toasty. And not so sick.

DVD and more doona testing (still nothing rude!)
We watched “American Gangster” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0765429/ and really liked it. And then it was time for sleep, as we were heading to my parents on Sunday.

The doona was too warm for me on Saturday night. I kept waking up because I felt too hot. First time in years in winter I haven’t had to wear socks to sleep.

We picked up the rental car and headed down to my Dad & step-Mum’s. They live in a nice country area. Well, it’s country to me. I think anywhere about an hour out of Sydney is country!

We got an upgrade with the car and ended up with a monstrous 4 wheel drive – a Nissan X Trail http://www.nissan.com.au/xtrail/. I am only 5’2″ tall, and don’t like driving massive cars. It was ok, just felt bumpy on country roads. Apparently all 4WDs are like that. I have to say I would much prefer a cool car – like the Audi A4 we got last year in England http://www.germancarblog.com/2006/04/audi-a4-spy-shots.html

We just hung around Dad & Ros’ for a while, then headed out for Dad’s belated birthday lunch. Dad is very hard to buy presents for, and his idea of a great place to go eating is Chinese at the local RSL. It’s always nice to do that, but I wanted to do something a bit more special, so we went to this place that I’ve seen great reivews for, called Eschalot http://www.eschalot.com.au/

The place is lovely – it’s a converted house, where a number of rooms are for dining, and the rest are the kitchen/etc. We all decided that mains and desserts were in order. I had Wagyu Sirloin for main and a Chocolate Fondant with Sorbet & Rhubarb for dessert. Dave had the Duck and two cheeses for dessert. Dad had the Wagyu as well with the Creme Brulee. And Ros had the pea soup for main and the Chocolate Fondant for dessert. We were all pretty happy with our choices. I thought my main was ok, but it didn’t cut very well, – Dave had a bit and said the meat tasted like it had been frozen and thawed. So it didn’t slice or chew easily. Dave’s duck was a bit too fatty for his liking. But everything else was great. The Chocolate Fondant was divine. I’m drooling thinking about it!

We actually realised that we never usually get to just go to lunch or dinner with Dad and Ros. Usually our brothers and sisters are with us – which is great – but it was nice to have a relaxing lunch just with the two of them. I’m thinking we should do this for Ros now for her birthday in August. Maybe the same place, but maybe somewhere new. Recommendations in the Bowral/Mittagong/Berrima areas and surrounds would be great.

Then we headed back to their place – full and tired! We watched a bit of “Atonement” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0783233/, but nobody really got into it (apart from me). We decided a nap was in order, which is typical when we are there. Apparently it happens to all their visitors – the altitude is different. It’s also a lot colder – on average 5 degrees colder than in Sydney. After a light dinner, Dave and I headed home.

Doona Result! (Still no rudeness here!)
I now no longer sleep badly in the doona. I think it was just the first night when we weren’t used to it. I now wake up feeling refreshed, and not like a load of bedding has been suffocating me in the night. YAY!

Back to work. Mostly well now. Oh, for a holiday 🙂

And congrats to Kate who had a baby boy on Saturday 10th May.

Thanks to my awesome Davo

Dave has been awesome looking after me whilst sick. He doesn’t usually need to do this, as I’m not usually completely house bound. But at the moment, I don’t need the cold to make me worse.

He has gone to the shops before work to get supplies. And he has cooked some lovely dinners, and bought me drinks when I’ve been feeling too crap to get out of bed.

Dave also came home tonight with the following:
* Cocoa Farm Dark Organic Chocolate – Yum!
* Max Brenner Dark Chicao Chocolate Thins with Ecuadorian Cocoa Bits – Drool 🙂
* Flight of the Conchords CD

He also purchased “Cassius” by Foals for me on iTunes.

And he deserves his own post in my blog for all that.


Happy Birthday Davo!

I thought I would wish Dave a happy birthday in a very public way – on the internet 😛

Although that is making an assumption that people read this. I think I could be very wrong here.

Dave is a bit stressed today as he’s getting a little older. But I’m going to try and make it fun for him. Presents will be presented tonight. And we may have some yummy Chinese.



Too little time left

Had too little access to the internet, too much stuff to do, and too little sleep to actually write on here. Will have to recap properly when I get home in a week. ARGH! My holiday will be over in a week. Will be nice to see everyone though. I just like being on holidays 🙂

Quick update:

Monday 17th October
After 4 hours sleep, woke up at 5am Malta time. Travelled from Malta to Gatwick, Gatwick to Luton (EasyJet cancelled flight at Gatwick), then Luton to Belfast (after EasyJet delayed new flight from Luton). Arrived at Monica’s 10pm Belfast time. Monica had Mark and Katrina over for dinner, which I joined (obviously) very late. Collapsed into bed at 12am.

Tuesday 18th October
After a good 8 hours sleep, went out to breakfast with Monica. When Monica headed off to work, I ventured off and spent the day getting pampered. I think I go to the wrong beauticians in Sydney. Never had pedicures that didn’t hurt before. Had a nap later that day, and then Monica and I went to the Errigle pub (I think) and met up with her friends Luke and Tony. Turns out Tony is into techno too, his favourite also being Surgeon, so we had a good chat about music 🙂 I drank a few beers – a Dublin Pils which was nice. We all had a cup of tea at Luke’s place afterwards. Don’t think I should drink tea after beer. Odd mix! Finally crashed out at 2am.

Wednesday 19th October
Had to wake up REALLY early as I was off to do a tour of the Coastal Roadway. Really bad weather most of the day, but it cleared up when we did the Giant’s Causeway. Absoultely beautiful sights. Went to the Bell’s distillery. I drank lots of whisky. Yes, I was drunk 😛 Got a certificate to prove it too – um that I drank lots of whisky, not that I was drunk! When I got back to Belfast, Monica and I went to a Japanese restaurant. Had a great prawn dish. Yes I drank beer – Ashashi (spelling?) this time. Like that a lot! Chatted for a while afterwards, and then I packed. Didn’t get to sleep until 2 again.

Thursday 20th October
Had to get up early again, as I was getting the 8.15am plane to Gatwick. Thankfully, the plane was only 15 minutes late YAY! Stuffed around at Gatwick airport for ages, talking to Dave, picking up my rental car (really cute Nissan Micra in Silver that only had 14 miles on the clock), and reading the maps to see how to get to Reading. Decided I needed to relax for the rest of the day, as I needed a bit of sleep, so thought I’d leave sightseeing until tomorrow. Got seriously lost for about an hour, and enjoyed checking out the countryside whilst doing so. A LOVELY LOVELY man at a service station gave me great directions, and I finally made it to Bec’s work in Reading just after 3pm. Had a quick nap, then Bec and I went to the shops to get some food for dinner. Have they got Praline Flake back home in Australia yet? They are GREAT!!! Bec made us some lovely bruschetta and spaghetti, and we sat around chatting for ages and drinking wine (must remember to get this at home – Cape Mentelle, Margaret River, WA, Cabernet Merloit 2001 “Trinders”). Bec has just gone to sleep after having to hear me talk for HOURS and I am just about to do the same.

Currently researching the directions to Birmingham for tomorrow. I will NOT get lost this time (and I will leave early!). I am meeting Doris for lunch and hopefully taking in The Cotswolds as well.

Need sleep. Hmmm…I think I need a longer holiday 🙂 I can’t believe it’s flown by so quickly. Must plan another trip 🙂

Anniversary, Zwolle & Surgeon, and back to Frankfurt

Sunday 18th September


Well considering we didn’t get to spend our anniversary, going to Surgeon (well, it was the 18th Sydney time!) and then having dinner with Andreas and Iris in the evening was a very close second best. Really good day.

Didn’t get much sleep, and then woke up early-ish (10am) to get some breakfast before it closed. Was so tired it took me ages to get my stuff together. Was really distracted and tired. Too little sleep. I woke up dehydrated – combination of beer and very hot room and sleep deprivation!

Missed the train I wanted to get, so I wandered around Zwolle for a while. It is a lovely small town. Hardly anyone was about. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed (not unusual apparently) so I couldn’t buy anything. Maybe that WAS a good thing 😛 There were so many great older buildings and a lovely lake. Wish I could have spent more time there. Think I am a bit over big cities at the moment! The less tourists the more I tend to like it!

My only annoying issue today was being charged 30euros for a supplement on my train ticket which they shouldn’t have charged me for. I was really mad too as there were no seats available on the carriage, and then to find this out really dug the knife in! Have to try and get a refund now. Note to self: do not book train tickets at small stations!

Then it was on a few trains to get back to Frankfurt. The train was late into the Frankfurt Airport again. Really strange that the only trains that are late this time are German ones. Last time, German trains were the only ones on time! Andreas picked me up again (thanks AK :)) and then it was back to his place. Andreas and Iris made another lovely dinner, and I talked their ears off about the last week. Then we went to a bar called Moloko+ for some drinks. Mmmm Contreau. Unfortunately nobody seems to have heard of Frangelico yet, but there are other alcoholic beverages to consume!!!

Afterwards we dropped Iris off, and then Andreas and I stayed up to 2 chatting about music. I can’t believe I actually stayed up that late!