Europe : (October – November) 2012 : Techno / Music


Below is a list of all the techno clubs / club-nights / parties / music events etc. that I attended on my 2nd Europe trip this year (October – November 2012), listing only the DJs and live acts I saw play…


02.10.2012 : O/V/R (Regis & James Ruskin), Cut Hands [Live], Vatican Shadow [Live], Surgeon, DJ Pete @ Downwards / Finest Tuesday – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
05.10.2012 : Die Jungen [Live], KVB [Live] @ Death # Disco & Modern Movement – King Kong Klub { Berlin, Germany }
05.10.2012 : Ancient Methods, Mack @ 3 Years Robot Army – Wysiwyg { Berlin, Germany }
05.10.2012 : S_W_Z_K, Psycatron @ Tresor Records 21st Birthday – Part I – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
06.10.2012 : Norman Nodge, Ame & Henrik Schwarz [Live], Alex.Do, Mike Parker, ND_Baumecker, Rødhåd (Rodhad) @ Innervisions Uberall – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
13.10.2012 : Black Rain [Live], Conor Thomas & Brian Morrison (BEB DJs), Cut Hands [Live], Concrete Fence [Live] (Karl O’Connor (Regis) & Russell Haswell), Vatican Shadow [Live], Regis @ Blackest Ever Black – Corsica Studios { London, England }
14.10.2012 : Ben Klock @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
16.10.2012 : Rabih Beaini, Helm [Live], Ben Vida [Live], Kevin Drumm, Mika Vainio, Axel Dörner & Lucio Capece [Live] @ Elektroakustischer Salon: PAN – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }

Amsterdam Dance Event 2012 ~ ~

17.10.2012 : Jeff Mills @ I Am Techno Pres… Jeff Mills | Cine-Mix | “Woman In The Moon” – Eye Theatre { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
17.10.2012 : Sandrien, Ben Klock @ Late Night Society & Imprint – ADE Special – Trouw – De Verdieping { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
18.10.2012 : Thomas Martojo, Silent Servant, Sandwell District, P.A.S. [Live], Peter Van Hoesen, James Ruskin @ Co-Hosted By Kinetic AM. Dekmantel ADE – Blueprint, Sandwell District, Mote Evolver & Time To Express – MC Theatre { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
18.10.2012 : Joseph Capriati, Ben Sims, Adam Beyer Vs Ben Sims @ Awakenings ADE Special: Adam Beyer Pres… Drumcode – Gashouder { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
19.10.2012 : Marko Ciciliani: Wall Alphabet – K, Peter Van Hoesen [Live], Qindek [Live] @ ADE Festival: Listen To This 4D Sound – I.C.W. Gonzo (Circus – Entree Hall) { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
19.10.2012 : Gerd, Dexter [Live], A Made Up Sound, Delta Funktionen @ Clone x Delsin x Rush Hour ADE Special – Trouw { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
20.10.2012 : Surgeon @ ADE Festival: I Am Techno Secret Pop Up Party: The Resistance (Feat. Surgeon) – Bubblekid { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
20.10.2012 : Developer, DVS1, Xhin @ RA VS ADE Special – Trouw – De Verdieping { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
20.10.2012 : Surgeon, Juan Atkins @ I Am Techno Pres… Tresor Meets Deeply Rooted House – Hotel Arena { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }
21.10.2012 : Speedy J, ROD, Hans Bouffmyhre, Sandwell District, Nina Kraviz @ Electric Deluxe : ADE After Hour – Melkweg { Amsterdam, The Netherlands }

~ ~

24.10.2012 : Lucy, Third Side [Live] (Steffi & The Analogue Cops), Marcel Dettmann, Redshape [Live] @ Pres… BLPGRN001 Launch – Boiler Room Berlin { Berlin, Germany }
24.10.2012 : Adam X Vs Dasha Rush @ Timewise After Show – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
25.10.2012 : Ultravox [Live] @ Ultravox – Columbiahalle { Berlin, Germany }
25.10.2012 : Call Super, Metasplice [Live], Madteo [Live] @ The Lost Transmission – West Germany { Berlin, Germany }
26.10.2012 : Xhin, Pfirter @ Tuna Park – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
26.10.2012 : A Cell Of One, Raime [Live], Miles Whittaker @ Polymorphism: Blackest Ever Black, Tri-Angle Records & Modern Love – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
26.10.2012 : Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock, Ryan Elliot @ Finest Friday – Panorama Bar { Berlin, Germany }
27.10.2012 : Fiedel, Karenn [Live] (Blawan & Pariah), Robert Hood, Obtane [Live], Giorgio Gigli, Oliver Deutschmann @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
31.10.2012 : Anna Von Hausswolff [Live], Crime & The City Solution [Live] @ Crime & The City Solution – C-Club { Berlin, Germany }
31.10.2012 : Area Boy, Shackleton [Live], George Fitzgerald @ BerMuDa: Dimensions Reunion Party – Horst Kreuzberg { Berlin, Germany }


02.11.2012 : Simon Heartfield [Live A/V]. 65D Mavericks, Untold, Luke Handsfree, James Tec, Ugandan Methods [Live] (Ancient Methods & Regis), Ancient Methods Vs Regis, Regis, Ø (Phase) @ Plex / Colony / Machine – PCM Pt. II – Corsica Studios { London, England }
03.11.2012 : Pär Grindvik, Ben Sims, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Dustin Zahn @ Drumcode Total – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
03.11.2012 : Joel Mull @ Drumcode Total – Panorama Bar { Berlin, Germany }
04.11.2012 : Lower Order Ethics, Young Hunting [Live], Black Rain [Live], Bill Kouligas (PAN) @ Black Magick ≠ Vol. III – Mindpirates { Berlin, Germany }

Europe : (June – August) 2012 : Techno / Music

Below is a list of all the techno clubs / club-nights / parties / music events etc. that I attended on my Europe trip (June – August 2012), listing only the DJs and live acts I saw play…

JUNE 2012…

16.06.2012 : Marcel Dettmann, Skudge [Live], DJ Rolando @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
20.06.2012 : A Guy Called Gerald [Live] @ The LongPlayer #10 / Pre MIDI Acid House Workshop – Bar Saul { Berlin, Germany }
21.06,2012 : New Order [Live] @ New Order 2012 Tour – Berlin Tempodrom { Berlin, Germany }
22.06.2012 : _?_ @ Another Friday – Club Der Visionaere { Berlin, Germany }
22.06.2012 : Peter Van Hoesen [Live & DJ], Samuli Kemppi, Dario Zenker @ Tuna Park Pres… Time To Express – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
23.06.2012 : Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Takaaki Itoh & Go Hiyama, Mark Broom, Rumenige & Loktibrada @ Code 082: X Aniversario Warmup Recordings – Fabrik { Madrid, Spain }
27.06.2012 : Modeselektor [Live], Mouse On Mars, Lazer Sword, Phon.O @ Monkeytown – Boiler Room – Berlin { Berlin, Germany }
29.06.2012 : Lucy, Xhin, Dadub @ Stroboscopic Artefacts Label Night / Screening: “Paris / Berlin: 20 Years Of Underground Techno” – Suicide Circus { Berlin, Germany }

JULY 2012…

06.07.2012 : Xhin, Shakleton, Digital Mystikz @ Bloc. Festival 2012 – London Pleasure Gardens { London, England }
13.07.2012 : Mike Dehnert, Ed Davenport @ Tuna Park – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
15.07.2012 : Len Faki, Boris @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
17.07.2012 : Surgeon, Comante, Detronic @ Camouflage Goes Crazy – Flex { Vienna, Austria }
20.07.2012 : Joel Mull, Pär Grindvik, Staffan Linzatti @ Swedish Tuna – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
20.07.2012 : Barker, Lazer Sword [Live] @ Leisure System.16 / Finest Friday – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
21.07.2012 : Kiki, Thomas Muller [Live], DJ Red @ BPitch Control Nacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
21.07.2012 : Santiago Salazar, Vince Watson [Live], Heiko Laux @ Radio Drama – Tresor { Berlin, Germany }
22.07.2012 : Marcel Fengler, Jerome Sydenham @ BPitch Control Nacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
27.07.2012 : Bladerunnaz DJs @ Friday – A38 { Budapest, Hungary }
28.07.2012 : Peter Van Hoesen, DJ Flush & Mack @ Killekill Megahorst – Horst Kreuzberg { Berlin, Germany }
28.07.2012 : Dosem [Live], Renato Cohen @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
29.07.2012 : Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Ron Albrecht @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }

AUGUST 2012…

02.08.2012 : Regis, Gianni Sabato @ Crime Fest – Casablanca { Nardo, Italy }
03.08.2012 : Jesper Dahlbäck, Nihad Tule @ Suicide Techno Nacht – Suicide Circus { Berlin, Germany }
03.08.2012 : Margaret Dygas, Sammy Dee @ …Get Perlonized Sunshine! – Panorama Bar { Berlin, Germany }
04.08.2012 : Marcel Dettmann, Snuff Crew [Live] @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
05.08.2012 : Adam Beyer, DJ Pete, Rødhåd @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }
08.08.2012 : Perc [Live], Lucy [Live], Dadub [Live], Bill Youngman @ Stroboscopic Artefacts Pres… Stellate Series (Experimental Live Sets) – Berghain Kantine { Berlin, Germany }
09.08.2012 : Regis, Pär Grindvik, Doka & Loy @ Booch Outdoor – De Bongerd Heerlen { Heerlen, Netherlands }
09.08.2012 : DIR, Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie @ Booch Indoor – Poppodium De Nieuwe Nor { Heerlen, Netherlands }
10.08.2012 : Mr. Ties @ Finest Friday – Panorama Bar { Berlin, Germany }
11.08.2012 : _?_ @ Enough! Music – Club Der Visionaere { Berlin, Germany }
11.08.2012 : _?_ @ Sasomo – HipHop Festival / Half Baked / Zwölf / Strassen Musik Fest. / Vakant & Supernature – KaterHolzig { Berlin, Germany }
12.08.2012 : Sigha, Roman Lindau, Radio Slave @ Klubnacht – Berghain / Panorama Bar { Berlin, Germany }
12.08.2012 : Ben Klock @ Klubnacht – Berghain { Berlin, Germany }


I am very excited at the moment. Two reasons:

Firstly, I won a Slices DVD with a small documentary on British Murder Boys (BMB) This was by guessing Surgeon’s favourite sumo rikishi: Takamisakiri. And now my name is appearing as the winner on Surgeon’s website 


We were at Tad & Liz’s a month or so ago, and they had the DVD, so I have already seen it. But I do want a permanent copy 🙂 

Also, it will be a permanent record of our last night in London last year. BMB played at Fabric that night, and it was Dave’s first experience of the place (my second). Even though it was WAY too packed, it was a great way to finish of our trip. I can’t think of anything better than my last day involving Surgeon and Regis 🙂

And no, you can’t see us in the DVD. But we know where we are!!!

The second reason that I am excited is I managed to get VIP tickets to the Duran Duran concert at the Entertainment Centre on Friday 28th March. It was a VERY VERY expensive call, but I think getting in the first 5 rows AND having a chance to meet them is worth it.

We don’t find out until the night whether we get to meet them or not. So if I do, there will be a very very happy post here the next day. Still a happy post if I don’t meet them. But you know, you can’t have everything. And I have met Nick Rhodes before and gotten his autograph (I was 13 at the time, and nearly fainted!). And I got to talk to Simon Le Bon on the radio in the early 90s (I was 21-ish and nearly fainted!). And I did get to touch the hands of John, Nick and Andy at the last concert in 2003 (didn’t feel faint this time!). So I shall gracefully not burst into tears if I don’t get to meet them 🙂

The bad thing about it though is that all my friends who are going will be elsewhere in the place, so we can’t all sing along to Planet Earth together. Oh well, we can sing along at dinner later.

And no, it is not the most I’ve ever paid to go to a gig. I think BMB would win that prize. In 2003, after seeing BMB in Tabernas, Spain, I decided that I had to see them again. So, I bought close-to-last-minute flights. And got a train from Florence to Rome, flew from Rome to Amsterdam, got a train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. Then I went to the gig. And had a bloody great time. Then I did the same travel in reverse. And it was worth every minute and every cent.

I’m not obsessed with music, am I?


So the night of Friday 21st of October, I now have 2 options:

1. Go to Dundee in Scotland for British Murder Boys.
2. Go to London for Guido Schneider.

Hard decision. Dave reckons it should be an EASY decision as I have now seen BMB 3 times, and have never seen Guido Schneider.

But I think BMB are excellent (hmmm, not that anybody would know that :P). So it isn’t that easy.

Comments please!

Bratislava and Regis

Friday 30th September

Well I can say that Bratislava was a strange experience. Apart from getting to hear Regis and Toky, and meeting up with Stano through Tomas (Peth on Little Detroit), I can say it was pretty much an experience I do not want to revisit!

I got up in Munich at 8.30, so 2.5 hours sleep, and then made my way across the road to the Hauptbahnhof. Managed to grab a rather strange chocolate croissant before getting my seat on the train. Was seated next to a lovely older guy from Salzburg, which was nice as there were loads of loud obnoxious tourists further up in the carriage. I LOVE my ipod. I really do! It blocks out noise 🙂 It’s weird, but the sound of people speaking in different languages actually soothes me, and I could listen to it for hours on trains (not that I understand nearly anything!), but listening to really loud tourists drives me up the wall. Hmmm, maybe I should think about that, as I am NOT the quietest person 😉

It hit me today that this was the longest trip I made to hear some music so far. 9.27 train from Munich, changing in Austria, then arriving at Bratislava at 3.45. Ergh.

Least I got some sleep on the train. The lovely old guy got off at Salzburg, so I had two seats to sleep on! Decided to get some food before changing trains, and ended up eating Hungarian chicken and rice. Yum. Couldn’t eat much though – lack of sleep does that to me – and the waiter was concerned I didn’t like it! I told him I was full, but he looked sceptical.

Finally made it to Bratislava. I get a taxi to my apartment. And things start to really make me mad. Basically, if you ever go to Slovakia, do NOT use Castle Club on the internet. They continually stuffed me around, and to make matters worse, there was no hot water in the apartment. I was pretty mad, as it was expensive, and cold showers when it was bloody cold is not my cup of tea.

The really amusing thing was when I asked the girl who took me to the apartment where there was a good place to eat around there, and she told me there was a MCDONALDS down the road. Yeah, go to Bratislava, eat McDonalds. I don’t even eat it at home!!!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any real Slovakian food as I was too tired and needed sleep.

Anyway, enough of my rant. Finally made it to a shop to buy a ticket for tonight, and headed back to my apartment to sleep for about 3 hours. After many sms’s whilst trying to sleep, Stano and I arranged to meet at Sub Club (previously U Club). Got up at 10pm to get ready, which is when I found out there was no hot water (ARGH ARGH ARGH), ate a ham and lettuce bun for dinner (boring, but at least it wasn’t chips!) and headed out to the club.

The apartment I was staying in was not a serviced apartment. It was just at the back of a block of apartments. On exiting mine, I encountered a rather scary homeless man under the building stairs. I bolted out of there, hoping he would be gone by the time I got back.

Taxi driver knew where the club was, right under Bratislava Castle. Really cool club too. Like a bunker. Have to go through a massive tunnel to get in there, and there is no mobile phone reception. So finding Stano did not end up being as easy as I thought. Drinks were ridiculously cheap. Place was quite packed. And it was around 11.45, and Regis was setting up onstage. So things were looking good now.

It was really easy to blend in here. Everyone dancing towards the stage made it easier. Just had to keep on looking out for Stano. He said he would be wearing an Aphex Twin t-shirt. Don’t EVER try to meet someone who you don’t know how they look when sleep deprived. He meant the Aphex Twin symbol, but I thought he meant actual words. So it wasn’t until 4.45am that I found him!

In the meantime, I actually made the most of the night. Loved Regis’ set. He played some awesome tracks. He was really into it by the looks of it – jumping around quite a bit, and got some headphones to use as a microphone at one stage (I recorded it :)). All on Ableton. Nobody can tell me Ableton is boring. I’ve now seen Surgeon, Regis and Richie Hawtin using it, and I wasn’t bored at all!

Karl played for 1.5 hours which was too short for my liking! But now I’ve seen him play, I’m happy.

Afterwards, a local guy called Toky played, who was excellent as well. A bit harder though, and the rest of the night got harder and harder.

I chatted to Karl for a few minutes after his set. He remembered me from Kozzmozz, and thinks I’m a mad Australian now 🙂 So do a few people really (or so Dave tells me!). I think that is a pretty rich comment coming from Karl actually! Got a photo with him, and I look very pasty. No tan so far – it hasn’t been that warm.

By 4.45 I decided to head home, but that was when Stano found me. He had actually tried to talk to me earlier in the night, but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying (it was extremely loud!), so I didn’t think it was him. I was also expecting someone a bit older, but he’s 19. So we ended up chatting until the club closed, me learning quite a few things about Slovakia in the process, and drinking more beer (Pilsner but way too much for me to even contemplate drinking!). Stano and his friends John and Michelle were going to walk me home afterwards after stopping at Stano’s, but it ended up being the opposite way to my apartment! We walked across the Danube, and then I got a taxi back, ending up at the apartment at 7.15am.

Was a fun night, but wish I had had more sleep before hand. I wanted to be in bed by 5am, but typical, that didn’t happen. All I wanted was a hot shower afterwards, but that wasn’t to be.

So much happening…Pascal Feos, Dominic Eulberg, and 10 years of Kozzmozz!

Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th September

Short-ish post, as I’m at the only computer at my hotel. Will try and fill in details later…

Well I’ve been in Europe for 3 days and I’m having a ball.

Air travel was annoying. Couldn’t sleep Sydney to Singapore. Then had parents with baby from Singapore to Frankfurt. It wasn’t the baby that was noisy!

Arrived Frankfurt Friday 9th. Taxi driver dropped me off at the wrong street, so I had to wake up poor Andreas at 6.30am. We caught up over breakfast, and then I slept on and off all day.

Andreas and Iris made a great dinner – yummy falafel – and then it was time to get ready to go out.

Went to Cocoon first. The first dj – Dorian – was not bad. Then Pascal Feos came on. He played “intelligent minimal”. Andreas and I went into the DJ booth. It’s high above the dancefloor, and looks like a Star Trek Enterprise! Excellent booth set up.

Was interesting that the second I was left on my own, someone would come up and talk with me. The first time was a guy who looked 12 (he was probably 18) tried to pick me up! Considering my age, I think the boy was quite toasted! Then someone asked me if I had any asprin. You can imagine what I thought of that! And then someone else asked me if I liked Jagermeister. It was quite funny.

Afterwards, Andreas and I went to East, where Dominic Eulberg was playing. He was excellent. Played a great techno set. Very amusing crowd too! Wish we could have stayed longer, as one of Andreas’ friends was playing, but my feet were falling off, and I had a big day ahead of me.

3 hours sleep, then was off to Ghent in Belgium. Couldn’t sleep on the train, so kept myself busy listening to “Old Meets New” from Surgeon’s site, and a decoded set by Dave featuring Steve Rachmad.

Had a quick shop and a short nap before Doris met me at my hotel, and we went for a drink around the corner. Was great to finally meet Doris. I think she liked the Kath and Kim fridge magnets!!!

Doris and Tony invited me to come along with them to the Kozzmozz pre dinner. Excellent company and great food. Chatted mostly with Doris, Tony (Surgeon), Karl (Regis), Roger (Sleeparchive), Justin (Berkovi), Sam (Deetron) and Joel (Mull). Karl didn’t want to talk about the cricket 🙂 (I am SO GLAD i did not meet Karl one day later, as I would NEVER have heard the end of the final Ashes results!!!).

Went back to the hotel afterwards for a short nap, then off to Kozzmozz. Massive party – completely packed, and hotter than 51 regent street in the old days! Saw Joel Mull, Cabanne, Deetron, Justin Berkovi, Seba Lecompte and British Murder Boys. Best set of the night was BMB. Played some new stuff which I’ve only heard on the internet – was great to hear it on a proper sound system. Really enjoyed Cabanne as well.

Excellent night – had lots of fun, and was great meeting up with a bunch of lovely people.

3 hours sleep again and now I’m in Brugges. And off to sleep 🙂